When I came back to my senses, I was smashed by a flying rock that had come to me. Holy shit! I just regained my body and this welcomes me?! What happened to this beautiful God? 

Eight spikes from his head down to his neck, his eyes were lined up from his temple around his head. His body was burning red and steaming molten rocks were scattered around like it was vomitted by a tantrum filled volcano. What the heck? He looks like a volcano himself with that flame-like hair. What the actual fuck happened when I was unconscious? 

"OY ARAO! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? NEW TREND IS BEING UGLY HUUUH?!!!---PUTA!" I slid to the right to avoid the beam that is coming for me and landed face front to the scorching hot floor. I gritted my teeth and pushed myself up before summoning my wings that had caused me to slammed at the rocks on my side. 

"AAAAHHH! YAWA!" I exclaimed because who wouldn't? You got dipped in a scorching

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