"Are you alive now?" I snapped out of what is occupying my brains and pulled my upper body up and bumped heads with Cygnelius that is shaking my entire body. I rubbed my forehead and Cygnelius did the same. I looked around to see the familiar darkness with a few holes that is scattered around unlike the first time that you couldn't see anything. 

My eyes laid on Cygnelius and I stayed at that position for a very long time.

"I thought you are already dead. You aren't responding at all....wait---why are you looking at me like that? Don't tell me...dude...we are one, don't be a highly stupid human being who loves himself enough to be called a narcissistic fool!" I was taken aback by all the accusations that I got just by simply staring for too long. I mean, yes I fell in love with the face that handsome but to think that I would do something to someone resembled me? What twisted thinking is that? I feel like vom

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