Beginning of the End: Puppeteer's Thread

In the middle of pure blue and white fluffy clouds, there is distant sparkles that twinkles with the moisten air. No one can reach the heights and even they could, the space is warp from them for multi-folds of time. It branches farther and farther away from the hopeful thought that they are near. There are mysteries among the folds and even if the darkness blanketed such secrets, there are beings among the shades watching the Skyscraper and sometimes act to their whim that might result into something chaotic but to them, are just something befitting to weaker beings.

Looking further like a fish staring above beyond the waters, there is a place where higher beings had gathered. A total of four sparkling stars in the blanket of clouds, cradled to its arms, protected in its embrace.

All the riches the people of Skyscraper sought and wanted filled every corner like pillars befitting of their high self. All the gems and jewels that anyone would


Hello, we are at the half of the book and I hope you still be with me till the ending. Thankyou for reading my work and I would really appreciate it if you vote and leave some reviews so that it will get to the rankings! Thank you very much! I love you!

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