Lumin Town.

The sun was up so brightly and Sky was at the market and looking for goods that he needed to resupply. After going to the Lumin Bank and exchange his currencies which made him quite trouble because of the changed designs when he was still unconscious. Why did Cerbero and Thanato didn’t told me about that important thing? Good that I have tons of jewels and gem that could be sold to the bank or else I will just embarrass myself!

His lips couldn’t help but to curve to such thought while picking up vegetables from a stall. There is a, like in his past world, grocery stores with a cooling mechanism to keep the meat from spoiling too fast and the vegetables as well. But only nobles could afford that. Though he checked the difference and after seeing that there is nothing much of a difference, Sky decided to buy his meat at that grocery which he made a good haul and connection. They all went shock when all of his purchase w

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