Dark Cave at the Night's Territory. 

Cygne snapped out of his sleep and sit up abruptly, disturbing Neah who was sleeping in his stomach in its original form. He couldn't help but frown in the next noise exploding inside his head, forgetting the earlier image he saw. 

• Heh. Now you know my mightiness and greatness. I betcha want to know me more. Hoho it isn't too late lil brat! Heeeek----okay I'll stop tsk. 

The corner of his lips nearly twitch uncontrollably from the arrogance and air of the invader inside his head. He nearly forgot this existence because of his gladness from encountering Neah who's looking at him in confusion. He couldn't help but sigh inwardly because of the abnormal heart beat his heart was stressing out. It seems like it's urging him, 'Gooooo! Find where your hearts desire'. It made the side of his mouth twitched even more before calmly rested an indi

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