Cygnelius (3)

Cerbero went up to his feet and Thanato skidded to the side and the smile on her face disappeared. It was replaced with hair rising expression. 

Cygnelius slowly went up to his feet and the blood spilled on his leg upon being forced and squeezed. His vision was slowly being painted with red when the cut in his head popped and the blood flowed down. His gazed turned towards Arao who is looking down at him with a different aura that he couldnt withstand. It was pushing him down and even if he has the aura of Buwan, he still feel the oppressing weights of his. It's like mocking him this way. He chuckled upon the irony of how things went. 

But he will not be drawn to the negatives. He pushed his body up despite the spilling amount of blood that is coming out of his body. He coughs out more and he see things hilarious enough to make him look pathetic from just one carelessness. When he put his blade into her shoulder, Arao conjured smal

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