One last time

In constant blues, my mind is in the oceans of memories

Limbs tied and breathing can hardly heard

There is only a moment I wanted to rewind again

That is the feeling of your body within my embrace.

-- C.

Sliding to the side Cerbero moved his head to the side and dodges the sun balls that felt so hot within close range. He coated himself with aura that enhances his armor that guarded him to safety. Steams are coming out of his body but he felt no pain from it. Arao pushes forward and swing his blade to aim for Cerbero's neck but he deflected it by controlling his mist to push the aura blade out. But some of Arao's aura were making small wounds onto Cerbero's body. But it healed almost the same time Arao is making a wound onto his body. 

Tremors after tremors, earthquak


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