Death Scent (2)

Merkel Forest, Merkel Town.

The surrounding is quiet and Anthony just went to drop Timothy somewhere he insisted that was okay. He checked the vicinity first before he letting go the kid.

“Anthony! We’ve been talking about fetching you already! Where you’ve been? We are about to eat! Come!” Aeron grabbed his arm and let him seat at the block of wood they made as a chair. It turned as a smooth as it can compete to commercial produce products. All it’s lacking was a cushion and cover and it is ready to sell. Anthony seated and handed with a plate of steak that is seems familiar to him. Too familiar that his stomach agreed with what he thinks..


“It seems like your stomach speaks louder than you. Happy lunch!” Aeron said before tapping his shoulders and went back to his seat with his plate.

Anthony looked at his plate with a steak, ste

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