Death Scent

Merkel Forest, lower right of the Merkel Town.

It’s about wider than their estate and the vastness just make anyone see it wonder…what is the extent of this? Glistening white, glowing under the ray of light walk with their head high a company of four were stealing the attention of the other carriage that came with them.

“It seems we come here at the perfect time. We are the Twain family of the Twain County at the Western border. May I have the privilege to know the fine gentlemen and elegant miss?” A flock of black hairs and black eyes and the one talking has a short hair, slick back and a scar at his right eye going down to his cheek. He is intimidatingly slick that is bursting with energy in his late thirties. There is a lady and two children. All black, eyes and hair. Anthony went forward, closer to the one who is sneaking at the back and doesn’t want to be notice.

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