"Hey, have you heard the strict protocol at the entrance of the gate? They are maximizing their control of people and selecting just few to come inside. Rumors said that there are something going in there and weaklings has no chance of going inside. Hehe you better go back home you little!"

"What the heck? Me again?!" Laughter filled the line of people hoping to get inside the mighty gates of Luminus, the door of prosperity. Some are trying new luck while others are trying again after raking a bunch. They said that if you wanted fortune then you better come to the gates of Luminus, entrance to new opportunities and life. 

There is certain mysteries that surrounding the empire. People telling that there is treasure inside that when you have a faithful encounters you wouldn't have to be working for the rest of your life. A story from long ago said that he found something and help a homeless man in return of his kindness he gave him a piec

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