To the empire

The sun brimming with healthy sunlight that could help the body were kissing the skin of onlookers watching the commotion at the premises of the Thournes. 

But no one dared to spread talks or baseless theories. It weirded the nobles who wanted to know the reason of all the ruckus this early morning. They would be just waiting till the whites of their eyes settled. 

Last night when all of the nobles and higher people were already slumbering, the busy people of the town were informed by the events that is happening right now. A servant instructed by the head delivered a message along with a little gift for friendship. Something shiny that could feed you for a month? That doesn't sound so bad. 

That's why even if the black colored hair man with curly hair and piercing red eyes was being patted to the shoulders by the one who is being revered as a celebrity--Tien is inaudible to people watching them. 

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