"Feed us poor ones."

“Come again? You, will what? Accepted his offer to be his disciple? I thought…Haa…” Sitting in the drawing room and receiving the most comfortable guest they are having in the middle of the night, Cerbero is rubbing his forehead and calming the nerves that being agitated by what he is hearing this late of the night.

Cygne jabbed Mattheus on the side and eyed him to better shut his mouth before he could rip it off for him but Mattheus misunderstood it as something him being shy of him stepping up and saying what they had decided to tell them. It made him grin like a dog and Cygne pisses more.

“For how long is that plan to get out of the world and be this lovey dovey like this in front of me?” Cygne glared at Cerbero who he ignored and just looked at Mattheus who is beginning to get intimidated with the pressure he is feeling from Cerbero’s stares. Thanato which is right in front of them was glaring and Cygne don’t know how or where to sta


I am sorry for not uploading the chapter tomorrow. I got my shot of vaccine yesterday and I am having a fever right now. Hope you guys understand. Thank you for the gems and please keep on supporting. Have a good day. I love you.

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