Old friend

“pass the ball dimwit! c’mon! hurry! they will get the championship!”

“demm! can you just wait dumbass! i’m trying to break free here! geez…”

Eh? This conversation felt so familiar? When is this? Cygne found himself in a darkness that doesn’t felt so cramped. There are voices everywhere and he tried listening to some. Among them, the one near him was about a happy memory that he remembered. It brings back that time they didn’t won the basketball championship of the barangay league. They all went to a friend’s house to drink and later on, one by one, they started crying and voice out their frustrations. Of course, as the team captain, he cried too. They all slept with tears in their eyes and after that went to their own path before the start of the chaos.

He retracted his hearing and found himself into another set of voice. Bombs and explosions were on the background and shouts an


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