Mattheus Siegfried Florence

Thourne Mansion, Florence Capital – Heart of Lumine.

The sun is peeking through the thick clouds that shielding the people who forgot their umbrella or hat for protection at the strong sunlight. Laughing faces and family out for fun, they are in their best dresses and suits. The city is bustling with different voices and harmonious sounds that livening up the place. There’s a lot of stall and carts with balloons and from commoner to noble, they are out on this good fine weather for something that all citizen must go even if it’s not their will.

Among all of the people gathered and waiting, there is a group of family that is standing out like any other. Their hair silver and eyes that are the deepest shade of red, it’s shining under the ray of the sun. But among all the shades of red, one is similar but different among them. She has the glowing fire and a smile that could rival the rays of the sun. Beside her was someone who has a stricte


Nutribun - is a bun being distributed to the poor during the malnutrition era in the Philippines at Marcos government. (1971-1997) Hello! Please give me a comment if you like my novel. Thank you! I love you!

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