Thourne Mansion, Heissenberg’s Office.

The light coming from the flickering candle and the light stone hanged at the corner of the room keeping it dim and enough for just the people present to be recognized. A meeting for all the gentleman of the Night’s which a lady donned in red to supervise. Unlike her clinginess and the usual sweetness that Heith is used to, she’s quiet, intimidating and hard to read. It felt like there is a grim danger that is looming in each and every one of them that words is something should be given to the one who has the most influence in the group but a man with golden eyes proceeded without flaws.

“I threaded along the path that we had secured to the empire and there are a lot of flaws with it. Some bandits come to claim it from time to time so I decided to kill them to lessen our future problems. The trade between the Fade Merchant Guild had gone smoothly and wishes to keep our relationsh

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