Back again from the start

I was a child that brought to the orphanage because I couldn't be raised by my parents. 

"You are an unwanted child! Who would want to have you?!" That's what mother superior told me before I went away and decided to live the streets. To be honest, I never expected to live in the slums and collected garbage for my food. I never thought that I would see the reality even before I could even started to read and write. 

Cold nights and sometimes being soaked in the pouring rain. The stench of garbage where I built my house in become unbearable to live when days are like this. I sometimes wonder. 

"Why even am brought in this world?" Every night when the faint noise from the cars and trucks in the far highway blessed my ears, thoughts are inevitable to pass-by. 

That's why every time it comes, I went to the mountain of trash, not so far to where I built my house. There I

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