The Night Family (3)

Night's mansion, underground prison. 

Within a cell that have thick metal bars which is too much to lock a normal human being, a lone man was standing with his arms crossed. He got a neat black hair that almost reach his shoulders that cleanly being tied to emphasize his clean face. It was attractive and any woman will turn their heads for second glances. His height made him more majestic and most of the people look up to him as a God but he is farther from the statement. Young ladies to married woman, they are dazzled and love him to the point of confessing and asking for his hand in marriage. It brought a great scandal to their kingdom but later on subsided when he himself got married. 

In this place that several grounds beneath the estate, many chambers was created to hold prisoners that had made grievous sins. There is two people being locked on the cells that's facing one another. And in that, the m

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