Chapter Three: Alina 1

        Zeres, Ariadney and their little twelve year old girl, Alina, were having breakfast together. The long dinning table was enough to accommodate twenty people comfortably, different mouthwatering dishes were laid on the long table.

"Papa, I really want to be a fighter." Alina blinked innocently and expressed. 

She has been secretly watching some fighting training and her passion to become a fighter grew.

The King chuckled which sounds seductive to the Queen's ear.

 "Hummed but why do you want to be a fighter Alina dear?"

He asked.

Suddenly surprised at his daughter's decision out of the blue, he totally didn't see that coming.

"Yes sweetheart, tell us." The Queen urged her.

Ariadney also wanted to know why her daughter decided to be a fighter, when she ought to focus on other important stuffs. 

Alina grinned. "Because, I like the feeling of been able to protect my self and others."

The king smiled.

 " You can protect others and yourself by being a Queen too dear."

He encouraged her sweetly.

The Queen was not pleased with Alina's decision. "Alina, don't forget you are a Princess, and you are suppose to be involve in Princess stuffs and not some fighting stuff."

Ariadney was disappointed in Alina's decision. She wanted her to face her Princess duty and learn to be a great queen, since she and Zeres couldn't sire a male heir.

Alina pouted with her arms folded together on her chest. " I can do both the fighting training and the Princess stuffs together Mama."

Alina really believed she can do all of it together and just wanted to fulfil her passion of being a fighter along with her rightful duties. 

"Alright, alright, let's not argue about this. Let's just enjoy our breakfast fast, then we will discuss this later."  Zeres intervened.

Alina was livid and sad about the Queen's word. She stood up abruptly and stomped off to her room..

Ariadney sighed. 

"It okay, she will come around."

 The king comforted his wife..

After the breakfast, King Zeres left to attend to some matters. Queen Ariadney then called one of Alina's personal maid.

"Make sure you watch over Alina, if she tries to sneak out or do anything that is against my decision or the King's decision, then let me know and serve her another breakfast now."

"Yes your Majesty. I will do as you instructed."  Mira, one of Alina's personal maid replied.


Back in the princess room.

        Alina was down, thinking about how she wanted to make her dreams come true, been the only child and a female made her feel somehow...

Agatha, Alina's closest and favourite personal maid, was busy arranging the Princess clothes. 

She noticed Alina seems quiet, so she walked over to her and stroked Alina's hair gently.

Startled, she looked downward and was met with a nugget brown eyes, that gazed at her gently.

"What's wrong dear?" Agatha asked.

"Agatha, am just sad, cause the Queen and the King doesn't want me to be a fighter." 

Alina choked out with tears welling up in her eyes.

She really can't understand why, and it hurts her badly.

Agatha hugged her and patted her back lovingly.

" Hush dear, they were just concern but don't worry, they will understand you soon. What did I told you before Hun? 

"It not good for you to cry, it ruins that pretty face. Do you think am joking?"

"No Agatha.

 "Sometimes, my tears just betrayed me."  She chuckled.

Seemingly wanted to create an humour.

"Now now! Alina , let's wipe your tears."

She took a little soft cloth out and wiped Alina's now red face.

"What should I do, Agatha?" Alina asked her favourite maid.

Agatha seems to be thinking of a reply, as she stopped her current action for a while and smiled.

" I can't tell you what to do, cause am not sure of the outcome, but I can say that you should follow what's in your heart, cause it is never wrong."

"Follow my heart." Alina repeated, then she smiled. 

Immediately she stood up, kissed Agatha's cheek, and ran out.


Arriving at the training ground located at the center of the palace, she hid behind the bush and watched the Great General Bren trained the Royal soldiers

She was in awe, and all of a sudden, a shiny dagger flew to her side. One of the Royal Soldier's mistakenly threw it and it landed in front of Alina. Viewing it as a blessing in disguise, she took it and ran to the training ground.

"I believe this is yours."

 She showed the dagger to a blonde hair lad, whose name was Eris.

Turning back, the lad was stunned by the smiling Alina.  " Your Highness! Oh thanks."

He reached out his right hand to collect his dagger, but Alina retracted her hand back and flashed him a grin.

" I will give you but only on one condition."  She said with a wide smile.

The scenario between the lad and the young Princess already caused a distraction which didn't go unaware by the General. Walking to the side where the Princess and Eris were, he cleared his throat.

 " Your Highness, may I know what's going on here?" 

Already gloomy about the princess weird smile, Eris became more gloomy, when Bren intervened.

"Oh, it nothing General Bren. We were just making a deal and good that you are here, please be my humble witness."

 Alina sessed to Bren.

The General shot a cold look at Eris and asked,  "What kind of deal? Your Highness?"


Eris gulped a little bit loud.

The princess grinned widely.

 "A duel! The thing is, he accidentally threw his dagger, so I happened to took it but before I can give it to him back , I want to challenge him."

Bren was livid but kept a calm face. '" Your Highness please, this is not a playground."  He tried to sound as gentle as he could.

He really wasn't in the mood to witness any unworthy thing but for the Princess he had to refrain him self.

"What do you mean? I am not joking" 

She exclaimed and continued,  " Or is he afraid to face me?"

Eris wiped his sweats and stepped forward.

 " I accept your challenge."

General Bren could only sighed and gave in. " Fine."

Eris and Alina were 20 metres away from each other. Wearing a cuirass , fauld , and a tigh high boot. Alina looked like a real warrior, whilst Eris just wore his normal soldier cloth.



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