Chapter Four: Alina 2

       Eris and Alina were 20 metres away from each other. Wearing a cuirass , fauld, and a tigh high boot. Alina looked like a real warrior, whilst Eris just wore his normal soldier cloth.



The challenge started. 

Alina ran over to Eris side and tried to use a punch to deceive him. Eris thinking, Alina was just playing a child game fell for her trick and tried to use his left hand to hold her punch, but instead she slided down and use a stone to hit Eris right leg!


The hit made a little loud sound as a result of the protective metal around his leg, though Alina didn't hit him with so much force but still his face contorted the little pain he felt. She smiled triumphantly.

All these didn't go unaware by the Queen, and when the King heard, he came to the training ground immediately only to be stopped by the Queen. They both decided to watch the show and see how it will end.

The trick Alina made,  changed the bystanders impression of her, including the King and the Queen

Feeling embarrassed that a little girl tricked him, he decided to not go easy on her, even though she was the Kingdom Princess.

He took out his spear and charged forward, sensing his change of attitude, Alina also stopped smiling and set the dagger in her hand firmly.

Eris sliced her right arm a bit and kicked her away with his right leg not with too much force. 


The dagger in her hand dropped with the fall. 

With gritted teeth, she stood up, picked the fallen dagger up and some stones, then rushed to Eris. Alina ran with all her might and jumped up when she was closer to him.

She aimed some stones at him with her straight hands and fire them!

He picked his armor and used it to shield himself from the stones.

 Alina saw her chance and changed her direction to his back. She planned to slice him in his butt, but Eris turned back Swiftly and held both her little arms, planning to push her away but Alina stood strongly and kicked him in the groin, though her kick was light. 

Still, the kick was in the groin!

Eris was really livid and slapped her hard. Alina's check was swollen and acted pitifully, tears welling up in her eyes, and she sobbed lightly gaining a lots of sympathy from the bystanders.

 Eris sighed and squatted down to help her.

She faced the other side and smiled sheepishly , seeing her chance now, she stabbed him with a dagger on his left feet, and declared herself as the winner. 

Eris groaned in pain and cursed  silently. He gave her one last look and leaped away to treat himself. 

He would have beat her or pushed her violently, but he respected the King and Queen's presence.

Alina gave him back his dagger and helped him. 

" Am sorry. "  She apologized and looked down.

Eris sneered.  "It was all because of their Majesties."

Then, she turned her head and the face of her parents came to view. She smiled weirdly and ran off to her room, ignoring Bren's calling. 

Bren sighed and walked up to the King. " Your Majesty." 

He bowed.

"You don't have to explain anything. I understand, but next time you must make sure to let me know about it, even if she threatens you. "

 The king voiced out.

Bren replied. " I will Your Majesty."

Alina ran all the way to her room and, when she got inside, she was panting hard.

She grinned recollecting her tricks and fight but her thoughts was cut short, when Agatha entered and said with controlled fury,

" Please Your Highness, I only tried to do what's right but I beg you to be more considerate next time."

Alina blinked and apologized, " Am sorry Agatha." 

She really didn't mean to hurt or upset anyone.

"Let's get your wounds clean up before they get infected."

She said and started cleaning, and wrapping her wounds.

 Shortly after, the King sent for his Princess presence in the Royal Chamber.

When Chris delivered the message, Alina was scared but still, she summoned up courage and went to meet the king.

"Papa, Mama." she greeted.

"Save your greeting Alina, when did you learn those tricks??? Have you been doing things behind our back before Hun???" 

The Queen fumed angrily.

Ariadney was impressed by her daughter's trick but tried to hide it and chided her.

"Ariadney, calm down and don't scare her."  Zeres calmed his wife down.

Then, he faced his daughter and asked how she got to know all about those fighting stuff.

Now that things has escalate to this level, there is no point in hiding anymore, so Alina uttered,

" Lately, have been peeping the soldiers whenever they are training and mastering some of their skills alone Papa."

Zeres exhaled.  " So, you really want to become a fighter? "

"Yes papa and if possible a General too." Alina chirped.

The Queen sighed. " Alina, there are many things that you still need to learn."

Alina closed her eyes and opened them.

 " Mama, you have to trust me. I can do it, am quite smart." 

The Queen finally nodded and Alina bugged them both.

No one can comprehend how happy Alina is, having gotten the support of her parents now..

"So does it hurt?" 

Ariadney asked her child , her eyes carried some touch of sympathy for her precious child.

"A little, but I was already prepared for it, so it nothing and don't worry Mama.

Am strong ....see..."

She smiled and tried to create a humour to calm her mother. 

Zeres then laughed to ease the weird atmosphere.  "I must say am impressed hehe you really have some tricks in your sleeves."

Alina felt flattered and grinned widely.

The Queen added sweetly.   "Yes my dear, you startled me but I am proud of you."

Getting both praise from her parents, her happiness knew no bound.

" Although, I was scared at first and had no plans of winning, I just want to make him a subject for my training but somehow things happened. I really thought I wasn't going to win."

Both their majesties were in awe about Alina but silently pray for the best.


Isn't Alina brave?

Well, the journey still continues.

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