The Heir.( A son In-law's revenge)

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The Heir.( A son In-law's revenge)

By: DC Carnelian CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"You are worthless without money! No one would love you to check up on you" "You are a loser!" Cedric Soriano, the billionaire heir who left his father due to his obsessive love for money and the utmost power, crawled back begging after he was rejected and jilted by his wife's family. Obsessed with revenge, he finds out the cruelty of life and how much he lost and gained in his journey towards achieving his Revenge.

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    Nice plot The family seems like a cult ...... still following ...

    2023-07-22 23:35:36


    Got me hooked ......️

    2023-03-23 07:34:00
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233 chapters
No party for me.
Brandon wade worked tirelessly at the crown hall’s mall. Facing life’s struggles and working hard to meet ends meet. “That’s two dollars, ma’am,” he said to a customer in the stand. Despite Brandon being a manager, he still had to take turns at the mall.“But I bought two pairs that should be four dollars” the woman queried. Brandon was most times clumsy at work, finding it difficult to keep up with the amount of customers he attended to all day.“I’m sorry, ma’am, I have printed the receipt already. I won’t take much of your time but I need to meet the senior manager to rectify it”, he apologized to the woman.“No problem, I will wait”, leaving his own part of the stall empty with loads of customers, Brandon hurried off to the senior manager’s.“You made a mistake again, didn’t you?” the manager asked Brandon immediately he entered his office.Head bowed down in shame, Brandon hands the receipt over to him.“I will deduct this from your paycheck. Let the woman go free, you’re wastin
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Bad turn
Brandon walked inside the house, it was full of people, his in-laws and Aliana’s friends. “This was all planned without me?” Brandon said to himself.Alianna is of average height, thick long black hair, dashing sexy red lips; her body is an art to be studied. She sat down right next to her father, Sir Alvarez, who ran a multimillionaire company. ‘That dumb, wretched, poor man. I still wonder what you saw in him to have married him”, Grandpa Alvarez said.“YOU should let the pauper go his way, he doesn’t deserve you” one of Aliana's friends said.Brandon watched as they rained words and demeaning utterance right in Brandon’s presence.“Good evening Sir Alvarez”, Brandon breaks the ice. They ignored him and kept talking.“Aliana, there is someone I want you to meet” her father said to her.Brandon had had enough of their humiliation. He left the place before the visitor came in. “Here, junior, this is the gift I got for you”. Brandon handed the gift to Junior.Filled with a grin, he
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To my aid.
It was the world against Brandon wade. He was faced squarely by his In-Laws as they strongly supported Mr. SIllverio.“I’m sure you had to borrow to pay for that filthy thing you called a gift for my sister’s child” Aliana’s brother mocked Brandon. They all burst into sarcastic laughter. “I am trying my best, why don’t you just appreciate a thing I do?” Brandon asked.“It doesn’t matter if I borrowed it! All that mattered was that I got this done! I didn’t fail my son”, Brandon replied to them.“She’s with a better man now? What don’t you understand?” her father replied. “you have no right to barge into my house and do things the way you want! Let her speak for herself!” Brandon shouted.Alianna’s mind was made up. She was bent on leaving Brandon, “I’m going with a father!” she said to Brando, with no remorse or emotion.“Apologize to Mr. Sillverio this moment!” Sir Alvarez thundered.“Wait! Did I just hear you clearly? I should apologize to an intruder and a pervert?!” Brandon shou
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Next Step
What’s worse than a man who has lost everything? I have failed in life”, Brandon laments. “Without money no one would call you, No one would check up on you, NO one would support you, No one would love you”. Those were Brandon’s father’s last words to him before he left. “The call last night was from Arturo, my father’s right hand and most trusted man. I had no choice than to accept his offer, I would call my father!” Brandon said as he made up his mind.“Brandon wade Ramirez!” the voice said from the phone. It was Brandon's father. “Father!” Brandon managed to say after several minutes. “Yes young man, it's your father” the man replied. Tears rolled down Brandon’s cheeks. “You were right father, Everything you said was true!” Brandon said.“I regret going against your words, father”, Brandon added. “This is sudden and unexpected! When Arturo told me he found you I had doubts”, Brandon’s father said in a calm and cold voice. “I want to know what happened. Why did you decide to come
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The change
A convoy of exotic black Jeeps followed in a uniform order entered inside Brandon’s compound. Everyone in the street was out to see who they were coming for.“They stopped at that man’s compound. You think Brandon is his name”, a man said. Gossiping. “I guess that man is in trouble with some rich men” one of the neighbors said. “The man was an easy going person but I heard he’s a failure!” another said.Brandon heard all their gossip about him. He had gone out to get a few things from the grocery store. “Gossip all you want, it can’t hurt greater than the pain I felt”, Brandon said.He was wearing a big black hoodie with a face cap so no one could see him. “They’re here!” he said to himself walking as fast as his legs to carry him. “Arturo!” Brandon exclaimed, grinning as he saw his father’s right-hand man. Arturo smiled calmly. “Where is my father? It’s been a while” he asked him. His once depressed face was glowed up. “Will you take me to him?” Brandon asked in haste without giv
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Reinstall the heir.
“Would you like to see your new appearance sir?” the woman asked Brandon. “Yes!” “Show me” he responded.They took him to the viewing room. It had large mirrors on both sides. “ Now I look Like a Real Man”, Brandon said smiling balefully with an evil smirk.Brandon’s life took a new turnaround within a day. Not only did he have a glowed up change, but he had a new mindset. “Thirsty for revenge!” he replied, smashing his hands together briskly.“We are leaving now! Young master” Arturo said to Brandon.“Welcome to The Golden Prime Inc. Your father’s first company here in Rivera”, Arturo said, as he led the way. “It’s all the same but a lot has changed. The colors, the buildings and the water fountain are no longer there? That was my Mother’s design”, Brandon said. No one cared to listen, they were all focused on entering the building. All the men came to a halt except Brandon, who walked side by side with his father.“Until you are installed and accepted as the new heir, you cannot w
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Baby steps revenge
Don Soriano, Arturo and Esmeralda were waiting for Brandon. He wanted to show him his army. “Here are the best Ten. Pick any one of your choice. Pay details to the specific things that you want” There were about a hundred aside the best ten Don Soriano set aside for him. Brandon walked in, their midst scrutinizing the man. He noticed there were a few women in their midst. “You” and “You” “Step aside” “What are you doing? Picking from the hundred instead of the best ten?” Sir Dawson mocked Brandon’s choices. “What are your names?” “I am Madrigal Sir!” the man said in a husky voice. “That was unexpected you look cooler than the way you sounded”, Brandon said to him. You will be my new body guard. “What’s your name?” he said to the girl.“Natalie, Sir” she answered sharply. “I have made my choice, father.” “Your reasons are best known to you! Choosing these ones means you have a lot of work to do on them.” “I know father. I will do more than I am expected”.“I knew Arturo rained
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Pay back
“Thank You Brandon, right?” Esmeralda smiled, asking if she got the name right. “I am caught in the moment!” “What just happened?” “You moved on so fast. I wasn’t expecting you to,... you know. Isn’t it so fast or should I say it took you so long to get over this pretty face!” The strange man pestered Esmeralda.Brandon stepped in to defend Esmeralda. “Who is he?” He asked decisively. “Opps! she didn’t tell you about me. No qualms,I am…….”Esmeralda jumped into the conversation right before the man could answer Brandon’s question. “He is a nobody. Let’s leave now, she said, jittering”, forcing herself into composure. They left the mall and moved towards the car. “Do you want to talk about it or some other time?” Esmeralda maintained her silence.Whatever effect that man had on her would be of great interest to me. “Would you like to take your car or you ride with me?” Brandon asked in a meaning to console Esmeralda. With no words she accepted his offer.Brandon told Natalie to dri
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one night stand
Brandon’s new couldn’t sleep. Fredrick’s words kept flashing back into his head. The harsh words from his father-in-law, Sir Alvarez, calling him a loser and a failure. How Fredrick and Alianna’s brother joined hands to beat him up, making him kneel and beg for his family. The humiliating sacrifices he made for Aliana when she got ill, begging Mr. Casanova for a raise even though it was meant rightfully for him.“I have money now. Why don’t I feel happy?” “I have bought the mall and the Sillverio’s.” ”Why do I still feel empty?”Brandon left his room and went to the winery at the sitting room. He was surprised to see Natalie and Madrigal there. “You guys can go home. I will be fine” “The house is so big and empty.” “No sir, we chose to stay!” Natalie responded. She was faster at words than Madrigal.“Your phone has been beeping Sir”, Madrigal called his attention. “ I don’t want to speak to anyone.”“It might be important, Sir”, Natalie added. “Fine, give it to me.” “Hey Brandon
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Mission 101
Dawson Capentrano walked into the building briskly with high shoulders, stamping his toes on the rugged floor of the lighted room at the gallow’s last floor.He seemed to be conscious of his surroundings as he patiently observed his environment and, maintaining his bold composure, he reached the reception and himself comfortable on the sofa close to the door, watching the entrance.He beckoned to the receptionist and requested a cocktail drink. The receptionist went ahead to get a waiter to attend to his needs, but felt bothered... she went ahead to ask him if he was waiting for some;“Sir, are you waiting to see someone?Not really! He retorted! Just get me my drink. He said firmly, without gazing at her.The waitress returned to her post but murmured some words to her colleague, who left the post counter, and went inside the third wing door.Shortly, a smart young short man came out….Who are you sir and how can I be of help, the young short man that seemed to be the manager asked.
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