The Heir's Dominance

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The Heir's Dominance

By: ErL CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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If I had wealth, I could do anything. And now it's not just a wish, it's a reality. Those who have deceived me and treated me badly deserve cruel retribution.

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  • King Mohammed


    I can't stop coming for more! Awesome write-ups. I'll recommend it to all my friends

    2023-09-14 01:25:51
  • aliabukar498


    this novels called the heirs dominance. what dominance the mc like to get beaten up and like to have a har life wtf

    2023-10-28 19:46:05
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175 chapters
Chapter 1
"You sluggard! Hurry up and walk a bit!" Bella yelled with bulging eyes. Occasionally, the fashionably dressed girl stomped her feet in exasperation. It didn't matter that Julius was carrying so many documents in his hands. Bella still cursed the man, her fiancé, with inappropriate words. Even if everyone made a spectacle of them in the middle of the corridor. This was not the first time something like this had happened. Almost every day, seeing Julius being mistreated by his fiancée has become a main course for the employees. Their status today results from Bella's father's request as a form of repayment for the help Julius gave her in the past. "You're walking like a snail! My feet are aching waiting for you here!" Without lowering her voice, Bella again insulted Julius. The man, meanwhile, could only sigh softly. His body was still aching, and his energy hadn't fully returned. He had just finished so much draining work. And this morning, he had to come early to help Bella prep
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Chapter 2
Julius was shocked! He had struggled so hard to fulfil Mr Noel's wishes. He had said that Julius could marry Bella after the company became stronger. But what did he hear now? Bella was saying that she was going to marry Roman! "But you're my fiancée, Bella! You can't get engaged to someone else like that!" Julius shouted in disgust. His loud voice was clearly getting attention, echoing throughout the room, which was now suddenly silent. Hearing Julius' protest, Mr Noel turned around and gave him a cold stare. Not to mention everyone else who was there. There was no friendly look at all. Julius clearly didn't know how tired Noel was of pretending to be nice to him. Putting on a face full of smiles even though his heart was sick to death. To be honest, Noel already wanted to throw him away. Whispers began to be heard, "Shameless poor man! Where is his face that he can say such a thing?" Julius looked around, the faint buzzing growing louder. Like bees switching hives, they pointe
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Chapter 3
Taking advantage of the opportunity, Julius tried to escape. It was a little difficult for him because his hands were tied. Moreover, he also had to work quickly and quietly to avoid attracting attention. "Damn, the ties are so strong!" cursed Julius as he tried to stretch the bonds on his hands. But as it turned out, the bonds were much stronger than he had expected. Not out of ideas, Julius bit the end of the rope with difficulty. He did it repeatedly, even when his lips were accidentally bitten and bled. Finally, he was able to release the string from both hands. Without thinking, he threw the rope onto the floor of the car. He had to get out of here immediately! Slowly, Julius pulled the car door handle so as not to make a sound. When the door opened, he glanced at the street. The men who had caught him earlier were busy with an unknown man. They were fighting, battling it out in the middle of the road. So, Julius quickly fled from there. "Damn!" he cursed, accidentally almost
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Chapter 4
Julius threw his hands up, "You must be lying! Everyone knows who Luckystone is!" Julius shouted, stopping whatever Jeff was trying to say. Even the most ignorant person would know who this woman was and how influential her name was in this country. "Luckystone is the wealthiest family in the country of Scasia! Talk sense, and don't try to fool me, I won't be fooled!" Julius insisted, adamantly rejecting Jeff's words. His father was just an ordinary worker, so how could he be related to such a rich woman? Julius and Luckystone's lives were obviously very different, they were polar opposites. Jeff stood up after kneeling for a long time, "That's how it is, Master Julius. Madam Elisa is very ill, and she only has you. So, she wants to make you her successor." Jeff had the important task of convincing Julius to take him home tonight. "You must be making this up! I won't believe it." The man had thought about it, a Luckystone couldn't have a family like his. He had even been banished b
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Chapter 5
"You're really fast!" praised Julius with satisfaction. He really liked Jeff's neat and clean way of working. If this keeps up, Julius can reach his goal soon. The man was still staring in disbelief at the drawings Jeff had done in just twenty minutes! "We could destroy the Cellen family if this is how you work." Jeff nodded in agreement and couldn't wait to do it under Julius' orders. It would be great to get back at that ignorant family! "Sure Master, it's an easy thing. Give me an order, and I'll do as you ask." Julius was more than happy to hear Jeff's words. Now, he was a little more certain that this man was a servant of a wealthy family! "Master, it's getting late. We'd better get out of here. It's not impossible for the people from the debt collector to call for reinforcements and find us now." Jeff interrupted respectfully. He reminded them of the danger they could be in if they didn't leave immediately. Julius looked at Jeff, "Where are we going? I have no place to stay.
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Chapter 6
Julius would always remember who they were. They were one of the few friends Bella had ever met. The few times they met, they always said bad things and insulted Julius at will. They even told Julius that he was an annoying sewer rat. Knowing that the atmosphere would not improve if he stayed there, Julius chose to remain ignorant. Julius casually turned around, walking away from the two people staring at him. "Heh, sewer rat! Where are you going? I'm not done talking to you yet!" he snapped with a hand roughly grabbing Julius' back collar. Julius, unprepared, stumbled and almost fell to the asphalt. Unable to hold back, Julius returned the stares of the two people in front of him with equally fierce looks. "Did you look like that, huh? Do you dare me now?" he challenged as he rolled his shirt sleeves even higher. "He won't dare Ron! That stinking rat doesn't have the guts to fight you! He's got no one now!" The woman, Tina, fanned her face with her hands. The woman laughed mocki
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Chapter 7
"Your mouth is so big, huh?! Did you take the wrong medicine?" Ron teased with widened eyes. He found Julius' remark completely unfounded. Julius smiled wryly, "Isn't that you with the big mouth, Ron? I know what scandal you've been hiding." Julius was never afraid of anything, let alone the power he had now. He casually folded his arms across his chest, staring at Ron's seemingly unaffected face. Ron snorted, the man dismissive of Julius' words. To him, Julius was nothing more than a weak and powerless threat. "Tell me, trickster! Tell me what you know!" challenged Ron in his arrogant manner. Now, Julius looked around. Everyone was paying attention to him. It wouldn't be wrong if he got back at Ron and Tina now! He would humiliate them just like they did to Julius! "You guys are really sneaky, stealing your coworkers' money without any guilt. Your behavior is absolutely disgusting!" said Julius, who now had a straight face. He knew everything that the two people who now looked pa
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Chapter 8
Ron and Tina looked at each other in confusion. In fact, Tina had to glare to confirm what she was seeing now. The director was bowing to Julius! Clearly, this was out of the ordinary for both of them. "Sir, he's already causing trouble here! Why are you bowing to him?" asked Ron in disbelief. His eyes narrowed sarcastically, wondering what the director was doing. Tina replied that she had to convince this man called Mr. Sam to kick Julius out and disrespect him. "That's right, Sir! If it weren't for this bum, there wouldn't be any chaos in Mr. Sam's elite estate!" "Shut up, you guys don't know anything!" said Sam, who seemed to be holding back a growl. The two of them seemed to him like the troublemakers here. This made for a messy situation for him, he was having some bad luck that he hadn't expected. "But Sir, look at him! If you continue to let him in here, the quality of this elite building will decline and be ruined! He'll only bring bad luck!" Tina didn't want her lies ex
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Chapter 9
"Damn Julius!" cursed Ron as he kicked the gravel on the side of the road. The passing vehicles' noise and the air's heat made his irritation grow. Remembering Julius' face when he and Tina had been thrown out in disgrace made his hands clench into fists. Anger overcame him with a raging breath. He wanted to punch Julius and stomp him into begging for mercy! "We have to get back at that rat, Ron! I won't take it!" Tina shouted as she stomped through the smoke-filled streets. She waved her hands in front of her face to block out the fumes. When she was annoyed, car horns being honked impatiently annoyed her. Moreover, the sun seemed to be shining overhead. "Yes, we have to get back at him! Damn, every time I think of his lowly face I want to beat that poor guy with both hands!" Ron was still on a roll. Until a call on Ron's cell phone made him stop at the side of the road. The man stared with furrowed brows as the number from his bank popped up. "Hello?" he greeted with a raised
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Chapter 10
That morning, Julius called Jeff in to see him. The man, who had just finished breakfast, was sitting sipping tea while waiting for Jeff, his trusted servant.Not long after, the man entered and bowed to salute and greet, "Good morning, Mr. Julius. Did you enjoy the breakfast menu?" Jeff asked. The man ensured that Julius was satisfied with his chosen menu.Julius straightened up, crossed his legs, and stared coldly at Jeff, who had not yet straightened up. He certainly knew the reason why the master was acting this way towards him. It must be because of the service error that happened yesterday morning."I apologize for Sam's slowness in serving you. Yesterday's incident must have bothered you a lot." Jeff hadn't finished speaking, and the man paused his sentence momentarily."He wasn't quick enough to deal with the problem, and deserves to be punished. Master-" Before Jeff could finish, Julius cut him off."That's not necessary, Jeff." Julius spoke firmly, his eyes looking disintere
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