Rescuing Ilu Nla

Emi angrily threw his sword on the ground, furious at what Ayo said. Pacing around his room, his mind was not thinking right. His attention was drawn to his daughter, that yawned, cooing and staring at him.

"Little one, I know you have lot to say, just wait for the right time" He smiled and lifted her in his hand.

He went to the backyard, there he met Adeshewa, preparing firewood. He stood still admiring her, she never did the normal Princess routine, she never wanted to live in the palace, why does she prefer the regular life.

"Let me help you with that" Emi said walking closer.

"I heard what happened at the sparing ground " She said still paying attention to what she did


"I am not condemning you, I want you to realise, this goes a better way, you can get Ajanaku unaware. If he sees Ayo return, he will assume, you can't defend them, or you are still weak" She said and blew at the smoke that roses from the firewood.

Emi stood su

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