A Common Enemy

A soldier ran into Emi's compound, very early in the morning and banged loudly on the door. Emi was frustrated, at the first bang he refused to rise from bed, he only cuddled Adeshewa a little tighter.

"My Lord, your presence is needed" The soldier shouted and banged the door again.

"Duty calls, and I have to go see how father's health is improving" Adeshewa said and placed her palms on Emi's face

Since Emi has taken the position of king, he concluded it was a burden greater than being a warrior Lord. He sat down on a stool in the palace, and a guard stepped forward, handed over a letter to him.

"So other Kingdom now wishes to join alliance with us" Emi said after reading the letter. We will join alliances, if they are willing to work for us"

This saying pleased the elders so well, they began seeing Emi as a better leader than Iretiade, their King.

The King laid lifeless, on the bed he was laid, a boiling calabash place at a co

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