His Muddy Answer

"It's been so long. Let's go on a… date"

He stayed silent, as darkness choked his heart with uncertainty.


He thought 'Is this the right thing to do?'

'I love her but Becky… what would you think?'

He shook the smog off his heart, 'No, Becky already said she was okay if I did'

He beamed a dazzling smile, sweeping his true thoughts under a rug "Yes, a date would be lovely"

Springing forth happiness, she jumped on her feet "Great, then let's go today!"

"Now?" His eyelashes wrinkled in thought 'No, not today! It is too soon'

Natalia took his hand. "I have prepared everything, first..."

Before she completed the chant of guilt, he quickly denied "No, Natalia! Not today!"

Shackled, her forehead crinkled "Why?"

"Ugh, I have something to do!"

Heightened senses, Natalia asked "Oh, and what is it?"

On the spot, Draven squeezed his clever mind for ideas "Help… yes I have to he


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