The raft took just 20 minutes to reach the waterfall. The water is falling from a height of 1200 feet said the guide as they watched the water flow down the rocks with a great force. The water was falling down in the river in few streams and the mainstream was creating ripples in the river. they had reached very near to the waterfall and the guide said we cannot go nearer. Phil looked at the waterfall and the rocks above where the stream was starting to flow down he could not see any cave or even a hint of a cave around here. He felt sad as he looked at Kel who was sitting beside him. the guide asked shall we go back now. Phil was silent and did not say anything.


 Phil prayed by closing his eyes and said inside O great sage I do not know who you are but if you are nearby please reveal yourself to me.

He intently closed his eyes and all of a sudden before he could open them he felt a heavy thump and he was inside the water and gasping for breath. He realized that the raft had capsized and he could see Kel near him trying to stay afloat and gasping for breath. The raft was at a distance and so was the guide who was trying to get on top of the overturned raft. The flow of the river had taken them away from the raft and the undercurrent was suddenly pulling them towards the rushing waterfall.

Phil pulled Kel’s hand and caught it in time to bring her close towards him. The river current was very strong and it seemed it was pulling them towards the center of the waterfall. As they hung together they felt a great rush of water on their heads and they were catching each other’s hands there was a great whirlpool-like water movement in the center flowing water and they were taken behind the waterfall.

Phil saw around and saw a rocky formation to which he could catch and hang on. He gripped the rock firmly in time not to be pulled by the whirling water, Kel too gripped the rock nearby and looked around to see there was some sort of opening like a cave in the black rock formation. Since the waterfall had covered the entire cave formation like a curtain there was hardly any light to see what was inside. Phil tried to get up on the sloped rock so that he could take his heavy backpack off. Kel had to let go of her backpack as it was too heavy for her to swim.

Phil was able to move up and sit on the sloping rock near the cave and he put the backpack behind his back so that it would not slide down. He then pulled Kel and moved her up towards the cave entrance. Kel took out a torchlight from his backpack and lit it to take a look at the cave.

The cave was made of shiny back rock stone. They both moved up the cave entrance to have a look inside. Phil moved the flashlight around the cave and was dumbfounded and almost collapsed at what he saw.

The cave was exactly as he had seen in his dream. There was a flat rock on which was a white cloth and a coconut shell with water nearby. The far-right was empty just like he had seen in the dream. How was it possible? Like the dream, there was nobody inside the cave. He pulled Kel towards the far right end of the cave and sat down along with Kel, His eyes were wide open with amazement as he narrated to Kel that this was the same cave that he had seen in the cave. Kel looked around and was wiping the water away from her face as they were all wet.

She asked Phil this cave is empty what happened in your dream after you were in the cave. Phil said sage had appeared after some time. Kel said look we could not have thought of reaching this cave a while back and now by some miracle we are inside it. So let us wait for the sage to appear. If by tomorrow morning nobody comes I am sure they will send somebody to rescue us. We have lost your backpack so what we have is just half of our supplies of food and everything else.

Phil moved the torchlight around the cave again to see if there was any sign of life. He could not see anything, not even a rat or a bat or any other creature that he had seen in the Money Baba’s cave. He thought probably because the sage with magical powers was residing here. He turned off the torchlight to save power and said to Kel as their eyes were getting used to the darkness all around It is almost 7 PM and dark outside. Let us create a bed near this place to rest so that we can take rest. Kel agreed and moved the haystack which was lying there and spread it around the cave floor to create a small bed for them.

They lay on the cave floor for a while and Kel started sneezing realizing that they were still wet from the waterfall spin Phil opened the torchlight to have a look inside his waterproof backpack. They were in for luck as he had kept both the dresses of himself and Kel in the front pocket of the backpack and they were dry. He had a towel tucked in too which he gave Kel and asked her to change in the cave. She was hesitant. Phil said it was only him and nobody else in this cave so no need to worry if you don’t change you will fall sick. Heeding his advice Kel asked him to turn away as she got up to change her dress behind the towel. Both of them felt better after changing into dry spare clothes which Phil had thoughtfully remembered to pack when they left their room in the resort.

They ate some of the food that was there in the backpack and then came together to lie down for rest. They were inside a dark cave and the night had engulfed the waterfall. The sound of the water dropping down was continuous without a break and if you listened to it you would feel uncomfortable after a while. Phil thought how did the Sage live here all the time in this noise. They held each other's embrace as it was growing cold as the night progressed. Phil thought he could light a fire if the cold grew unbearable.

He started remembering his dream with no sign of the sage. He had drunk the water in the coconut pot after which the sage had appeared. He thought maybe the coconut vessel was connected with the sage in some way so he thought he would drink the water here too like he had done in his dream and maybe the sage would appear after that. He switched on his torchlight and looked in the direction of the cloth on the flat rock and found the coconut pot to be still there with water inside. He picked up the pot and drank the water and then kept the pot back from where he had picked it up. He came back and sat near Kel in expectation but nothing happened.

They would have slept for a few hours in that dark cave and it would have been midnight when Phil felt a glow of light inside the cave and a fuzzy warm experience engulfed him. He left Kel’s embrace and looked around and saw a lighted silhouette of an ascetic sitting on the flat rock where the cloth was still lying. The ascetic was looking directly at them and he could see a warm yellow cream-colored light coming out of that being. The first thought is this a dream? he pinched himself and it hurt so it meant he was awake and then he looked at Kel who by now had got up and was standing and looking at the sage in a strange way.

The ascetic started speaking softly to them directly. He is voice was soft and felt melodious as he said Welcome to my cave children. I have been waiting for you for a long time. Phil quickly felt that this was the sage his face was absolutely the same that he had seen in his dream and told Kel loudly that this was the same sage he had seen in his dream.

Kel also went close to Phil and the Sage and they both sat beside him as he gestured them to sit. Phil asked the sage who he was and why he had said in the dream that he was the chosen one and had to save the earth from destruction?

The sage as if expecting the question from him replied in his soft voice. My child, I am Saint Agastya and you were my disciple in your past birth and had attained a lot of spiritual progress during that birth. You had so much interest in doing good to others that you felt natural compassion to help others. You had done penance in that birth to Lord Shiva and he had granted you birth in which you would help mankind. This is your birth and I am your spiritual guide who will accomplish your goal.

Phil was intently listening to what the sage was saying and absorbing and trying to understand as the sage was speaking to him. Phil said to the sage but you know I am going to be an astrophysicist in these modern times we have scientific principles which do not accept things which you are speaking of like past birth and magical powers like the light that is coming out of your heart.

The sage smiled as he replied Yes my son. At Shiva’s command, there are many such people let loose in this age to divert them from the hidden secrets which govern the world around us. It is a way that distracts the false seekers from discovering the truth about the true principles and knowledge that only Shiva and create and tell about the cosmos. Those scientific principles will not carry you far if you truly want to understand the secrets which make our world and have transformed it through the ages. There is rebirth and there is karma which every creature like you and me are born and have to adhere to.

Phil asked why is this illusion created in this world why does everybody not know about this secret knowledge that you are talking about?

The sage explained When you look at the stars up in the sky so see so many of them so much so that they cannot be counted. There are 12 planets like ours in that deep dark Universe which have 12 Suns and the same solar systems as ours but all that knowledge is given in our Puranas but has been hidden from the people who can harm this planet if they found out such knowledge. So Shiva at his command created humans around the world who would be born and create a parallel system which you call science so that the real knowledge can remain safe.

The sage suddenly said to both of them You must be hungry both of you let me give you something to eat. He waved his right in the air and there appeared several fruits in his hands Bananas and apples. He offered them to Kel and Phil as they looked at the magic which happened in front of them and looked at the fruits amusingly as they had suddenly appeared out of thin air. They ate them suspiciously only to be pleased by the taste which was unlike what they had eaten earlier in their lives. The sage then waved another hand and a small spread of food with glittering bowls of gold underneath them was laid out.

Amazed at his powers Phil said how do you do this Sage Agastya. You could also do this it is just the power to create out of your thoughts whatever you want. You had these magical powers in your last birth and I will return those to you in good time. Now eat and rest and we will talk when the sun rises. I will be here in the cave but invisible to you all so don’t feel afraid you are in the safest part of the world nobody will disturb you here. Saying thus the sage disappeared or turned invisible!

They ate the food laid out in front of them by the great sage as if there was no tomorrow. Kel liked Chapattis and lentils spread out in front of them and to her amazement, the golden vessel would fill up just after the dish was finished. This was magic happening right in front of their eyes and it was no dream. They ate to their hearts full and thanked the sage and went to rest in the cave where they had created their hay bed. the sage had created a small fire to keep them warm and make them feel secure. Amidst the din of the falling water, they both went to sleep pleasantly aware that the Great sage was with them and nearby.

Phil was the first to wake up as it seemed like early morning. He looked at his waterproof watch and it showed 5:42 AM. He looked around and saw Kel lying beside him deep in sleep. She was wearing a pink salwar suit, her long dark black hair was falling on her face as if trying to cover the beauty that lay inside.

He quickly turned around to look for the sage and found him visible and sitting on the flat rock where he was last night. the coconut vessel was near him and it was now filled with water. The sage had a very pleasant demeanor as his eyes were closed. His braided hair was tied at the top of his head and had holy beads tied at the top of it. He had holy ashes rubbed over his forehead arms shoulders neck and chest. He was sitting very still without any movement and no sign of life as there were no breathing movements of the chest that he could make out. His belly was protruding out not much like the sages pictures that he had seen online on the internet while searching for the sage, There was no light that was coming out of his body now. Phil could see that his color was very fair even to mistake him to be a foreigner. His lips were curvy and pink and with some mustache hair falling over them. he thought sages don’t shave. His beard was quite fluffy and his dark hair fell down till his stomach. There were some locks of hair that were coming out over the side of the head near the right ear. His hands were making a sign which he did not understand as they were clasped in front of him together and the fingers were twisted in an unusual way. His wrists were short and finger very delicate and curvy, unlike his large frame. He was wearing a saffron-hued Indian-style dhoti down his waist. His legs were short and were folded together as he was sitting in Padmasan mudra quite comfortably. His feet were very delicate and his toes had a slight touch of pink around the toenails.

Phil watched at him in wonderment as Kel woke up. She too looked at Phil and then at the sage and instinctively stood up and went near him and sat down. Phil also did the same thing and sat down beside him hoping that he would open his eyes and speak to them.

The sage realizing movement around him opened his eyes and smiled at them. They both naturally folded their hands together on him and looked at him with awe and respect. He spoke again and said now it is morning and time for me to tell you why I have asked you to come here. But first, you must go and take a dip in Ganga and come back. Phil thought the spare clothes that they had they were wearing  Now and they got wet they would not have any more dry clothes to wear. As if the Sage was reading his mind he replied I am going to give you clothes to wear once you come back. After getting an assurance from the Sage both of them went near the cave entrance and the sound of the waterfall grew louder as they watched the stream of water flowing down. Phil could see that there were some rocks near the entrance of the cave the flowing water where he could put his feet and quickly take a dip. Hee carefully caught an underwater rock and held the protruding black rock at the cave entrance so that he would not be swept away by the river flow. He quickly held both his nostrils with the other hand so that water did not go inside his nose and took the dip. Then came out of the water and sat near the entrance cave. Kel was unsure of and how to step down in such a strong water flow so she asked Phil to hold one of her hands while she took the dip. Phil held her hand tightly as she moved to put her pretty feet on the underwater rock. She also closed her nostrils with the other hand and she slowly lowered herself to take a dip in the water. After she took the dip Phil pulled her out and then they entered back in the cave again.

It was early morning and the water was very cold so so they were starting to Shiver slightly. As they came inside they could see the wide eyes of the sage watching them. He signaled them to sit down and then he waved his hand and lo behold he had some clothes in his hands which had just appeared out of thin air. They were again left spell bounded as its magic while it happen right in front of their eyes. The sage said softly don't just stare at them take the clothes and wear them.

Phil quickly took the clothes from the sage's hands and what he saw was he had received just three pieces of cloth from him and he had given them dhoties for Indian loincloth which was worn around the waist. Looked at sage and told him that they did not know how to wear dhoti as he had worn it around his waist. The sage replied asking them to just Rapid around their waste. He asked them to use the third cloth as a means to try themselves up. Then he told them that he would turn invisible while they change their clothes and ask them to come and sit near him after they were done.

Both of them one by one changed their clothes in that cave and felt better because they were not feeling cold anymore. A small fire was still burning inside the cave and Kel went and sat near it to get some warmth. Phil also came and sat there and they fell quite warm and then got up and came down to sit near the sage as he had asked them to do in his instructions.

The sage appeared before them again seated majestically on the flat rock with Kamadala which is a vessel ascetics use to carry holy water and a counting bead in his right hand. His elbows resting on the T stick or the Yogadanda as it was known. He looked pleased with both of them and was looking down at them as if they were very dear to him with a slight twinkle in his eyes.

I don’t live here in the northern part of the Bharat I live in the south of Bharat. If I cross and come to the north side of Bharat then Vindhyachal Mountain starts growing as per his promise to me. So I have to return back very fast not to disturb the balance. Bharat was another name for what modern people knew as India.

Phil started to say something when the great sage cut him in the middle and said it was important you bathe and that Goddess Ganga washes away your sins before you get into the process that I am going to tell you now. Before I proceed do you have any questions that you are eager to get answers to?

Phil immediately asked there have been so many expeditions in Rishikesh and so many tourists visit these waterfalls every day how is it that they were not able to find the secret cage which is just right behind the waterfall?

He continued asking as the sage listened to him with attention, You explained to us that we have a past life connection with you and Shiva and hence you have chosen us for this mission, but we do not have powers like you have how can we help you in your mission?

And lastly why chose us when you could have carried out the mission yourself as you have so many amazing powers said Phil and stopped saying further.

 Sage Agastya started explaining as they listened raptly. This is a secret cave that I used to meditate here when I came to Rishikesh. With the will of Lord Shiva, I created an illusionary rock in the back of the waterfall so that if somebody does get to it they will not see the cave. When I sensed you coming towards this cave I lifted the illusion with my special powers or siddhis so that you could come in. This is not just an ordinary cave but it has a secret tunnel that leads to higher realms of what I call as School of Siddhas he said authoritatively.

He further reiterated that they were his disciples in their previous birth in his ashram near river Kaveri and had been reborn with the grace of Shiva. Since you had attained the siddhis in your past birth and I and Shiva are very pleased with you both I will give you back some of the powers back so that you could accomplish your mission in this birth. Before you can be given your powers back I want to take you to the School or the Gurukul of the Siddhas which is essential for your initial training Remember that after completing your mission your aim is to return back to this school and continue your spiritual progress. The soul takes rebirth again and again and the true purpose is to do good to humankind so that it could get some good karma accumulated in a birth to attain the next level of ascension in the spiritual path.

They both felt that they were blessed to be disciples of such a great sage. Phil asked the sage about what was their mission? The sage said I will start from the point when Lord Shiva had asked all his disciples including me to spread around the world and to give the message of Lord Shiva to humankind.

The sage continued I had come to Rishikesh from holy Mount Kailash and sat here in this cave in deep meditation. I meditated here for more than 100 years. There was no waterfall at this place in that time. I sat in meditation and was able to see the future and I saw many years in which there were astrological planetary alignments that were going to happen and there would be massive destruction in the sequence of events. These astrological charts that appeared to me in my mediation revealed to me with each the time and year when they were to happen. They also revealed to me the exact level of destruction that was going to happen with each event. I also saw with my powers on how the Demons or the Danavas would try to use this time to create havoc on this planet earth.

I wrote all that information in palm leaf scrolls. Every detail was embedded by me in them in a codified language. I realized that this information had to be kept secret for if it fell in the hands of the Danavas it would lead to aggravation of the planned destruction as they would be able to see when the destructive events are to take place and then wreak havoc on the people in the future. Such powerful information had to be not just hidden but I realized it had to be protected. Lord Shiva had appeared here in this very cave when I meditated on him and told me that he had granted you both the boon of giving birth of saving mankind.

The sage continued narrating the important information. You see the ShivaLinga near the entrance of the cave that is exactly where the Lord had appeared. They turned around and looked at the Shivalinga and bowed down to it as the Sage was doing so as well. He then sat back upright and said the Waterfall was created by his will to hide this cave. Lord Shiva had told him to wait for an appropriate time to when you both will be born in Kaliyuga the present age and then reveal to you the scrolls that I wrote in Rishikesh.

The scrolls will guide you once you learn to activate them and read them as they are codified in a language that nobody can understand unless they know how to encode them. For protecting the scrolls from getting in the wrong hands I have enclosed them with the protection of the Goddess who rules over these scrolls. She does not allow anybody to read them they have activated them with the correct procedure.

Phil and Kel were listening very aptly to the new information that the sage was providing them about their mission and their purpose. Kel asked the sage Rishi where are the scrolls I don’t see them here in the cave. The sage responded smilingly, Yes no ordinary human can see those scrolls unless they had the initiation mantra to see them. They are not just codified by me but also cleverly made invisible to the ordinary person. I will initiate you both into the mantra for seeing the scrolls once we are inside the School of the Siddhas. That is where you will get to meet many like you who are on the path to spiritual growth and development.

Phil thought this seemed so unscientific yet everything was happening right before their eyes the magic that the sage was performing and the explanation that he was giving was making him more unscientific was it really possible to Bend Reality?

The sage as if reading his thoughts verbatim quickly said in a firm voice by looking at Phil directly This mission is not about Bending Reality but on Changing the Destiny of millions of people on this planet. It is not possible to Bend Reality as reality exists in a dimension that had already been created. But it is possible to change destiny as it is not yet created. You can change the future, not the present. the present was created in the past so it is not possible to go into the past as it has elapsed but we can look at the future and change what is destined to happen with good intentions.

Remember my words if you both stay together and work in a cohesive way thinking that it is Lord Shiva’s will to accomplish the mission you will gain and succeed. If you fight and work against each other you will fall down and fail. So it is important that you both remain in lockstep and not separate in the future. You see you have been brought together for a divine purpose and hence you compliment each other. Kel knows astrological principles and she is going to help you Phil in understanding them to complete your mission.

The sage sensing that they would be hungry now asked Do you want to eat are you hungry? They nodded in unison. Kel said we thank you for the delicious fruits and food that you gave yesterday I have never eaten a more sumptuous meal all my life. Can we have something more delicious to eat this time?

The sage smiled and said of course and waved his hand and produced a golden bowl in his hands. He placed the vessel on the floor before them and prayed to it by offering it water and other items of worship. Then he told them this is Akshaya Patra a never-ending food vessel. It will give to you whatever food you wish to have. Just place it in your palm and think of a dish and it will make it available to you. First, go and wash it in the river Ganga be careful not to drop it. Phil took up the shining Golden vessel in both his hands and washed it in the Ganga water in front of the cave entrance as the sage had asked him to do so.

Phil asked the sage intently O great sage you are living and always meditating we did not see you eat. How do you live without eating? When was it the last time you ate?

The sage said looking at him Lord Shiva taught us under his discipleship the secret to stay young always and the way never to feel hungry. There are secret spiritual methods and procedures which when practiced take care of your body’s needs of hunger and thirst. This is how a Siddha is able to meditate for years together without feeling thirsty and hungry like ordinary mortals.

 Eat now and don’t just stare at me. Ask the vessel whatever you want and it will give you. Phil gave the vessel to Kel so that she could try to get her dish. She wished to eat Chinese Noodles which were her favorite. She wondered if the Golden magical vessel would be able to produce this modern dish? She poke the name of the dish Chinese Chowmein to the vessel and lo behold there in a fraction of a second there were hot Chinese noodles filled to the top on the golden bowl. She ate her heart’s fill but there were no spoons so she used her hands to eat them. Phil then went and again washed the vessel and then came back and brought up the vessel to his mouth and then spoke Sambhar Vada which was a south Indian dish his favorite as he had visited south India and ate Idly and Vada in the morning during his trip. As he had finished speaking the golden magical vessel was filled with hot sambhar and a vada dipped in it. Phil felt really happy on seeing a south Indian dish after such a long time. He bit into the vada and it was very tasty and fulfilling. he drank the sambhar from the vessel. After finishing his breakfast he went to again wash the magical vessel in the river of holy river Ganga.

Of course, they were cut off from the civilization but the sage had made them feel comfortable as his warmth and hospitality were very touching to them both. They felt they belonged to him and that they would dedicate to him what he wanted them to perform.

The sage quietly said my children it is now time to show you the mysterious world of the school of the Siddhas but before that, I have a few things to set right here. So saying he stood up for the first time and they saw that he was clearly more than 7 feet in height. The roof of the cave must have been at least 12 feet thought Phil as he looked at the stage in amazement. The sage waved his hands and recited some mantras. There was suddenly a black rock-like cover that enveloped the cave entrance coming out of nowhere and it was not blocking the sunlight and the din of the waterfall. It was suddenly very quiet inside the cave. Since it was dark in there they could again see the divine yellow light coming out of the holy sage. He then looked at them and said I have to ensure there is nobody else who comes here while we are gone.

Phil asked the sage where is the school of the Siddhas and how are we going to reach there. The sage said fret, not my child we are going to reach it through the tunnel. Saying thus the sage turned himself away from the cave entrance and towards the inside. He recited some mantras of which Phil could not catch any words as he was speaking very softly. He waved his Yogadanda towards the inner side of the cave and magical the black rock parted to reveal a deep opening.

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