Kel and Phil had been in this world for only half a day and were lost in its magic. On planet earth 3 days had already elapsed. The resort people in Rishikesh where they had checked in had sent rescue teams and were giving up in the hope of finding them. The word was getting out that a student couple from Bombay had probably drowned in a river rafting accident. The resort authorities were finding it difficult to answer media’s questions. They contacted the administration of BIFR the institute from where Kel and Phil had come and had given its address while checking in at the resort. They had also found their student identification cards in their baggage which the resort authorities had searched to get any clue of whom they were.

The media followed the news till the 3rd day and the resort authorities expressed their inability to find the bodies of the couple. They were going to declare them dead at the end of today’s search if they did not have any succe

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