Resa sighed deeply when he saw his house was so quiet. Guilt was clearly visible on his face, he came home at 12pm, and didn't give any news to the people at home. There was actually a sense of fear when he entered his house, but inevitably he had to face all the problems that existed, and listen to the scolding of his mother.

It was okay for her to be naughty today, for the first time to be more precise. Previously, he never came home late, was always on time after school, and helped people at home do work that could be considered quite rough.

Resa moved the curtains to cover the kitchen door, he saw Regina still busy in front of the stove to fry the donuts that had just finished rising perfectly. He smiled sweetly when Regina turned around, the little girl was happy to see Resa back home.

"Where have you been?" asked Regina, moving from her spot to sit beside Resa now.

"I had some sudden business earlier, I'm sorry I didn't give you any news. Where's mom?" Resa looked around the
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