The door to the fridge was wide open, Resa took out two mineral waters, and then went to the cashier. He also picked up a chocolate sandwich at the checkout, which wasn't too expensive for him. But even though it wasn't that expensive, his allowance was still running low.

Resa walked out with quick steps, he saw Silva still sitting on the chair in front of the minimarket with a blank stare. The girl was no longer crying, but it was obvious that she had been crying. Resa handed her some water and bread before sitting down next to her.

"I apologize for what happened just now," Resa said quietly.

Silva glanced at Resa after taking a sip of her mineral water. She shook her head, closed her water bottle slowly, and then said, "Not your fault."

Resa nodded in agreement, but his little heart kept screaming. Trying to tell him that Silva was crying because it was his fault. "It's eight o'clock at night, you should go home, Silva."

"You're right." Silva smiled wryly, quickly wiping her right
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