The girl walked with a sense of turmoil, the uneasy feeling lingering until she stepped foot in the school. She felt annoyed at herself for not setting an alarm last night, and went to bed immediately after turning off the television. Tengku had done the same, even the man himself had told Silva to clean up the mess they had made in the morning.

Breathing in slowly, her attention turned to the scene to the right, but the figure beside her startled Silva greatly. Fortunately, she did not scream, but the man burst out laughing. Tama had always been the most annoying person after Resa.

"Good morning, Silva," Tama said, his laughter stopping as soon as he looked straight ahead again. "Did you stay up so late last night that you have bags under your eyes?"

"Yes, I woke up at noon, and mom scolded me."

"Was it because you were chatting with Resa that you forgot to sleep?"

"Oh my gosh, why are you saying things that are unpleasant to hear? Of course it's not like that, I was watching the s
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