Chapter 50

"Honey, I need you to clean the kitchen while I clean the front yard. If there's anything, you can shout to call me or you can call me!" Chandra said, and Silva nodded in response.

The tall man with cropped hair walked out of the living room. He went to the front yard, which was really dirty, with lots of grass, and dry leaves that he hadn't burned this morning.

The atmosphere of the mansion felt strange to Silva, but there were no strange thoughts in her head. She chose to get up from the sofa, walking towards the kitchen which was not too far from the living room. It was at the back, a fairly large, long room.

There were two wooden cabinets that looked old, still used to store a lot of cutlery, and plastic food storage boxes. The glass cabinets were used to store cooked food, and cutlery that was about to be used.

Silva watched the large room for a few minutes. She never understood why people made kitchens bigger than rooms, and why kitchens looked dirtier than other rooms. It w
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