The girl opened her eyes in surprise, her eyes so red with an expression of both shock and confusion. The familiar room made Silva let out a sigh of relief. She covered her face with both hands for a long time. The dream this time felt so real, she never imagined she would have such a terrible dream.

It's just that Silva doesn't understand the scene of peeling the skin of her own hands, and the blood that comes out with a fairly long duration of time. Unlike the other dream, she dreamed with a stranger she recognized in the dream, and now forgot the guy's face. She never even remembered having a friend named Chandra, or a former lover.

"Silva, are you okay?"

A noisy voice sounding very worried came as the curtains were rudely drawn. Tama sat in the visitor's chair by the bed, his face looking pale, but Silva had an even paler face with cold sweat on her temples.

"I've never heard anyone being delirious with screams, but this time I saw it."

Silva's forehead knitted, not understand
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