Levi Lloyd: Race To The Top

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Levi Lloyd: Race To The Top

By: Victoria T.O CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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With a father-in-law who is a chronic drunkard, a nagging mother-in-law that hates his guts, a wife who takes pride in her public cunt and a superior that steals all credits any chance he gets, Levi Lloyd feels his life couldn't get any more miserable. Merging with the antique ring was an accident but his life was about to transform with the strange powers it offered. Shameless In-laws, slutty wife, haughty superior; they will watch in regret as he races to the top. ------- I'll update 1-2 chapters daily!

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  • Victoria T.O


    Halo, it's the author here again. If you were a fan of Legitimate Heir-At-Law, then you'd like this book. Things only get better from here. Thank you for checking this out. I think I have done a good job(⁠。⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠。⁠)

    2023-12-12 05:33:07
  • Kyle Wright


    why did u end the book was so good and so much left un said

    2024-05-11 05:47:24
  • Nana Wong


    love the story but when is it going to end

    2024-05-09 16:48:20
  • Lord Cyrus


    Started reading as soon as it was recommended. Good book

    2024-01-18 03:06:07
Latest Chapter
235 chapters
001: Overshadowed
"Sir, the editors told me you ordered them to stop the publication of JK's news? Why is that sir?"An upset Levi Lloyd is in front of his immediate superior, Mr Billy, trying to keep his anger in check."That is an order from above not mine," Mr Billy, a stout and bald man who is wearing a wig to cover up his embarrassing secret, strokes his hair while giving Levi a condescending look.Levi is confused and quickly reminds him, "Sir, JK has secretly been releasing toxic oils into the neighborhood river for a long time which has caused health problems for the residents.""I finally found evidence to prove they have been bribing officials to suppress the news. Why would the higher authorities stop the public from learning the truth they deserve?""Who are you to question the higher authorities?" Billy slapped his fat palm on the desk."Levi, you are just a junior reporter who would have been cast out long ago if it weren't for me keeping you by my side. Why do you insist on meddling with
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002: Shameless In-laws
"But there are no foodstuff supplies at home again and you aren't worth starving for. Get some groceries and come home to prepare dinner."Levi facepalmed; this is how she is. Nagging him endlessly while shamelessly living off his money.The only reason why Levi keeps up with her behavior is because of his wife, Zoey.He and Zoey were college sweethearts who got married as soon as they graduated.His wife is now a successful CFO and her parents, especially Grace who thinks he isn't good enough for their daughter, are not shy to express it.Levi thought back to his pitiful bank balance which had zero cents in it and scratched his hair in contemplation. He suddenly remembers the ring on his finger that he could pawn for money."Have you gone deaf?" Grace bellowed through the phone."I heard you. I'll —"Levi was once again interrupted. His father-in-law's voice came up the phone,"Boy, when you get those groceries, don't forget to pick up a brand or two of whiskey. I've run out of the la
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003: Cheating Without Remorse
His usually modest and shy wife was held on the bed, being drilled like an animal. The man on top of her pounded away and her cries of pleasure grew louder."Aah, yes! Fuck yes, I'm going to come!" She moaned. The unknown man on her groaned to show he was also on the edge.Pow!Rage clouded Levi's sight. He charged into the room and punched the man so hard in the face that it disengaged their sexual intimacy."You fucking bastard!"In the process he even got the wild seeds spilling from the man on his body. He was so enraged and disgusted that he pounced on him."Who the hell are you?" The man managed to speak while protecting his face from Levi's punches."Levi! Get off him! You rascal! How dare you! Do you know who Micheal is?" Zoey had found a cloth to cover her nakedness and tried to pull Levi off.She was both frustrated and angry that this lowlife interrupted her when she was just on the climax and even had the nerve to hit Micheal.Micheal could buy him and his generation!Pah!
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004: Assailed
Thinking of this, Levi remembered recently he realized the neighbors would mumble whenever he passed by with Zoey.Everyone else saw that he was being cuckolded but he was too blind! "It's nothing. It's late. You should go to bed."Before she could say anything, he already walked off. "Uncle Levi—" She called but he was far from reach.She pouted and bit her lips. She has a huge crush on Levi and has always wanted to get noticed by him but he was too focused on that cheap wife of his.She really wanted to tell him so many times how his wife brought different men home but was scared he might not believe her or worse still resent her so just like the other neighbors, she kept quiet.But Levi was standing on the walkway just now with bags of groceries. He must have had a huge fight with that bitch and this was her chance but she lost it.She stomped her feet in annoyance and walked away. ****Levi walked on the streets aimlessly with the bags of groceries in his hands. He couldn't return
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005: Not So Worthless
Levi looked at his hand in excitement. The ring really possesses some supernatural abilities.He knows it's absurd to think of something like this but this is the only plausible explanation he can give for this situation.Pow!He dodged another hit and attacked, hitting not just one thug this time but two together."You bastard! How dare you hit our captain?" The thugs yelled in anger when they saw their colleagues falling down one after the other.They still rushed towards Levi. He took them down in a minute."Bang!""Aah!""Ow!""Crack!"Cries of pain filled the air as the men collapsed to their knees. They surrounded Levi who stood tall and exuded a superior aura.The men who had originally come to get the woman hesitated to attack. Didn't these foolish thugs say they beat up Levi badly earlier and he wouldn't last a minute?Why is it that they are the ones writhing on the floor in pain within a minute?"I'm waiting," Levi summoned them with a flick of his fingers. He looked bored a
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006: Misunderstanding
The chauffeur left the car just then to go and have a word with the cops. Levi looked at Brooklyn's face.Now that she wasn't all flustered like earlier, she actually looked like a serene beauty with maybe a bit of haughtiness in her. Well, she's one of the Hernandez.Brooklyn's eyes narrowed when she saw him staring at her. This stranger isn't having weird thoughts, is he?But Levi shook his head, "I'm Levi. You don't have to worry about repaying me. I just did what I thought would help."Brooklyn was confused. Men would kill to have her and yet she was here asking this stranger what he wanted in repayment of his help but he's insisting on nothing.Doesn't he know who she is?"Young mistress," The chauffeur suddenly returned with a worried look."I don't know how your father found out but he seems to have gotten some news that you stood Larry up. He is enraged and demands you return home at this instant."Levi watched as Brooklyn's face darkened with anger. He wonders who this Larry i
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007: Seize Him!
Everyone including Levi is stunned. He tried to pull his hand away but Brooklyn whispered, "Please, Mr Levi, you said you will help me."Levi was annoyed. He agreed to help rescue her grandmother, not pretend to be her boyfriend or fiance or whatever!"Brooklyn!" Her father was livid. "How dare you bring a wild man into my home?"He turned to the old man beside him. "Father, can you see your obedient granddaughter?""Grandfather," Brooklyn walked to the old man and pulled Levi along. Her grandfather wasn't as furious as her father but he didn't look pleased either.He gave Levi a cold glance. "Which family son is he?"Before Brooklyn could respond, a maid rushed into the sitting room with a pale face."The old madam is having a seizure again and the doctors think she won't survive this time."Grandfather Hernandez seemed to have aged hearing this. Everyone momentarily rushed to the master bedroom forgetting all about the drama just now.On the way, Levi asked Brooklyn, "Miss, what were
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008: Face-slapped Hard
"Cough!""Cough!""Father!""Grandfather!"They panicked when grandfather Hernandez began to choke. Yolanda held his hand and together with Hector led him to sit on a chair while Luis faced his daughter who was still standing in front of the wild man without bulging.Useless child! Her own grandfather was choking but she chose to shield the unknown man instead.He was too blinded with rage to see the worry in her eyes even though she stood calmly in front of Levi without reacting."Doctor, if this wasn't the first time we are meeting, I would have thought you had something against me," Levi was taller than Brooklyn so he easily towered over her.It was amusing at first to have her protect him against her family but he didn't need it."You should watch your words before you speak. What if you cause one more person to be confined to a sick bed with your wrong information?"Davis' face twisted with annoyance at Levi's words. He snorted, "You are not qualified to speak to me. Remember your
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009: A Contract
"I forgive you."These words didn't ease Davis' shame. He stood up and looked at Levi as if engraving his face on his mind. Levi no last name... He will remember this humiliation and pay back in hundred folds!He grabbed his medical kit and fled in a hurry."Mr Levi," Grandfather Hernandez called out seeing that the show was over and Levi was planning to leave."It's already so late. Let Brooklyn take you to one of the guest rooms. We have troubled you too much. Take this as our kind gesture."Levi was caught off guard but he still expressed his gratitude. "Thank you sir.""Father! How can you let a stranger into our home?" Luis was peeved from being ignored.Earlier, his father clearly had some aversion towards this wild man but after doing a little favor, he has completely won him over."Let's go," Brooklyn couldn't wait to get out of the room.Levi quickly followed behind her. He rubbed his nose awkwardly. He couldn't possibly tell them he was actually homeless and letting him stay
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010: You'll Never Make It
Looking up to see Levi, he was flustered and quickly tried to hide the wad of cash on his table.But Levi already noticed it. He sneered as he closed the door, "Is that the amount they paid for my identity?"Billy panicked and quickly tried to cover up. "W—what are you talking about? How dare you barge into my office? Have you forgotten I am your superior?""It is exactly because you are my superior, I have come to pay my last respects," Levi slammed a letter on the table.He was more convinced that his decision to leave this place was right. With a superior that won't stop at nothing to get money even if it meant putting his life at risk, his days were sure to be numbered.Billy was taken aback at Levi's confident comebacks. In the past, this lowlife wouldn't dare look him straight in the eyes and would always lower his head.He would apologize even when he isn't at fault. But today, he dared to speak so rudely. Isn't he afraid of being cast out of the company?Billy's eyes fell on th
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