The Mysterious Son-In-Law

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The Mysterious Son-In-Law

By: EddieWrites CompletedUrban/Realistic

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After a three-year marriage, all Dennis got was a divorce agreement. His wife had become the most successful businesswoman during their marriage and tons of men were now attracted by her beauty. How could she still stay with a common man like Dennis?But what she didn’t know was that everything she got was from Dennis’s secret help. After they divorced, she gradually found Dennis was not that useless man she thought. On the contrary, he seemed to be a very powerful man, who the top rich men, powerful politicians, and members of mysterious families were all respectful of.So…what kind of man did she divorce?

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  • Simplicio Bales Sumabat


    great story..

    2023-09-12 12:53:51
  • EddieWriter


    Loving the story. Great development

    2023-09-13 15:00:35
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200 chapters
Sign The Papers
"If you have no objections, just sign here", Dennis' mother-in-law said mockingly, sliding the divorce papers on the table before him.He frowned, tired of the grusome torture he called marriage, but still, he loved his wife dearly,"What are you asking me to sign, mother-in-law?" He asked; Margaret snapped, "Have I not warned you never to call me your mother-in-law again?!" She yelled and landed a slap on Dennis' face,"Now you will sign these divorce papers and free my daughter from being with a weak, pathetic loser like you, or else, your life will be more pathetic than it already is", Margaret mocked and warned him sternly, Margaret Luther was a woman who prided herself in wealth and status, and her daughter being married to a low life like Dennis was greatly unsettling."I'm glad my daughter is finally done with you" she mocked.Dennis felt disappointed. He believed he had found his soulmate when he met Sasha, and was ready to settle, so they got married. Their marriage was see
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The House Deed
Dennis sneered. He was tired of talking with Sasha. It was apparent she was done with him, but he didn't mind, it didn't bother him anymore.He might have loved her once, but those feelings were no longer there. He reached and grabbed the divorce papers, sliding it towards himself and picked up the pen on the table and signed it.As Margaret watched Dennis finally sign the papers, she felt elated. Finally her plans were in motion, and she would never have to entertain such a loser as her son-in-law again. Her daughter could go ahead and marry someone of her class and bring honor to their family.However, Sasha had a different expression; she had loved Dennis for a long time and felt uncomfortable, bothered by the fact that she was letting go of someone who held a meaningful and deep part in her life.She stopped by the door and turned, facing Dennis, and her eyes revealed a sadness within it, but she took a long-suffering sigh, comforting herself that they were not in the same world
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Mr Apollo, I Need Your Help
As the man entered the room, standing across Dennis, he frowned at the sight of his brother-in-law, Jack LutherOf all his relations, Dennis despised Jack the most. He wasn't just a bully; he physically abused him too.Despite always asking his sister for money, especially after quitting his job at the auto shop when she became a CEO,He once stole about five thousand dollars from his sister Sasha to pay a gambling debt. When Sasha found out she was missing her money, she told her family, and Jack immediately accused Dennis of stealing the money. Jack stood across the room staring furiously at Dennis, and then his eyes averted to Yura at the corner of the room. When he saw her, he whistled and cat called "Damn sugar! Can I get your number, baby?" he said, slowly approaching Yura. She slowly backed away, moving closer to Dennis; she was fully aware of her beauty, with black graceful hair adorning her shoulders, decorating the grey blouse she wore, pale clear skin, brown eyes and lo
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Dennis walked out of the house, throwing his blazer over his shoulder, and Yura followed immediately behind him.When they got outside, Dennis looked around and did not see the vehicle Yura arrived in. Confused, he turned to her"How did you get here?" He asked, and Yura raised her right hand and pressed the car's remote key and it beeped, unlocking it. Dennis turned his gaze towards the direction of the luxurious Mercedes Maybach. It had been long since he had the convenience of sitting in a private car, let alone a luxurious one. He couldn't help but smile as he walked towards it.Meanwhile, Margaret was in the living room watching television when Jack walked in. She had sent him to get back the house contract and then heard his footsteps, shifted her gaze at him and immediately screamed"Jack! Who did this to you?!", "What happened?!" She shouted, rushing towards him and gently leading him to the couch, looking at his wounds. Jack winced in pain and let a few seconds pass, almost
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Who Is She?
Dennis nodded in response to Yura."Where are you, Dennis?" Sasha asked, overhearing Yura's voice."That is not your business anymore, Sasha. We're divorced now, remember?" Dennis retorted"Now, excuse me. I do not have the time to rehash meaningless conversations with you" he added.Sasha sneered; at this point, she felt convinced that her brother was right. Dennis was dating this new girl, whoever she was, she thought. Especially after hearing her voice over the phone. "They're probably heading out on a date somewhere," she thought inwardly and wondered how long this had been going on, how long her ex-husband had been cheating on her.She was conflicted with these questions that she couldn't conceal her jealousy anymore and, without thinking, blurted out"Is this what you've been busy doing, Dennis?" she asked abruptly"What, Sasha?" Dennis replied impatiently"Have you been so self-centred that you completely ignored all my goodwill and chose to betray me by dating someone else wh
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Dennis smiled. This was not new to him; years ago, he had always been doubted for his knowledge and expertise in the medical field.However, now, everyone that knew him regarded him as a god of medicine. He walked closer to Duncan's bed and extended his hand out to Kuza for a shake,"Don't worry, get to know me. I'm not here to make trouble," he said confidently, and she gazed at him in amusement.Kuza was still not on board with whatever Yura had planned, but she decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, knowing that Yura wanted her grandfather alive just as much as she did.Hesitantly, she extended her hand and shook Dennis with a lingering suspicion about him.Dennis suddenly held her hand tightly, squeezing it a little, and Kuza experienced the most bizarre thing - She felt a sudden heat flow from her hand into her body. Kuza panicked immediately and wanted to pull her hand away, but just then, Dennis let go, giving her a wry smile."What the hell was that, you bastard?!" She
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Magic Hands
"Stop!" The voice thundered across the hallway, causing them to stop their strides. They all turned their gaze and saw Hugh, a short middle-aged man with a few grey hairs and a questioning fashion style, dressed in a night robe in the middle of the day.He slowly approached them, glaring and shifting his gaze between them until it finally landed on Yura, staring at her angrily"No one is moving this man anywhere", he instructed authoritatively, "Why?" Yura asked confused"Why?" Hugh repeated"Because it appears you all are trying to kill Lord Duncan so you can steal his wealth", "Why else will you be moving him outside in the middle of the day with the scorching heat of the sun when you know his condition is critical and he needs to remain rested?" the man assertedImmediately, Yura became enraged over his statement and display of authority.If anyone were to decide anything concerning her grandfather's health and well-being, she was the one. He had no right to insinuate such discr
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Unseen Attraction
Kuza and Yura screamed when they saw the insects in Lord Duncan's blood and jumped back in fear. However, Dennis remained unmoved. This was nothing new to him, and a few seconds later, the insects turned to smoke and disappeared into the air.Immediately, Lord Duncan sat up abruptly, gasping as his eyes widened and he became conscious again.Without thinking for long, Yura ran towards him and hugged him, crying tears of joy. The sight warmed Dennis's heart as he stepped away, allowing them ample time to reconnect."What happened?" Lord Duncan asked, and his granddaughter looked at him with tears in her eyes. She hugged him again and cried,"I'm so glad you're awake, Grandpa", she said and looked over at Dennis heartilyMeanwhile, Hugh awoke in the hallway and looked around, nursing a slight headache he got when he fell.He wondered what he was doing on the floor in the middle of the hallway and then suddenly recalled what had happened.Immediately he panicked, fearing that Yura had go
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Your Move
When Duncan mentioned Dennis's ex-wife, his countenance changed. He gave Duncan a wry smile and said"That won't be necessary, my Lord, she divorced me", Dennis said, and Lord Duncan was greatly shocked, as he wondered what kind of girl in her right mind would leave Dennis.However, when Nurse Kuza heard that Dennis was divorced, she felt greatly relieved and could not conceal her happiness. "What happened between you two?" Lord Duncan asked as the nurse pushed him slowly on the stretcher, accompanied by his granddaughter. "I don't think it's something I want to talk about anymore," Dennis said softly."Of course, I understand. Well, thank you again, Mr Apollo", Duncan retorted, and Dennis gave a courteous nod"I would like to take my leave now. I need to get some rest; I haven't had enough of that recently," Dennis said, and Lord Duncan smiled"Alright, Mr Apollo", "Yura", he called his granddaughter "Please see to it that Mr Apollo is well compensated and take him back home", Du
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Things You Shouldn't Know
Engaged in the standoff, Dennis brimmed as he saw the terrified look on Jack's face. He was very confident that he could take on Jack's thugs with his level of mastery in martial arts. However, Yura's bodyguards brought a more gratifying dread into Jack's body, and he did not have to expose his martial arts skills.He took a swig of his beer, breathed out its freshness and stared at Jack, making circles with his finger around the condensed bottle.Suddenly, he felt the bottle begin to freeze up, and then he snapped out of the trance. Slowly, he approached Jack, who was hiding behind a blockade of his thugs. Dennis smiled wryly at them, trying hard to remain composed, even as their whole body exuded fear. He sneered at them and said boldly "As you can see, Jack, I'm not as powerless as you thought."Jack gulped and bit his lips, trembling in fear"You trespass my home and bring your thugs to beat me up? You do know whatever happens now is entirely legal and all your fault", Dennis s
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