Ethone Continent - Reincarnation

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Ethone Continent - Reincarnation

By: Spotted Cat OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Venn Dennis is from the Balro continent, his family is a relatively small magus family. Balro Continent is a continent with advanced science, far from Ethone continent. Moreover, there are both magic and science and technology. During one of his outings, he was attacked and killed by an enemy but was fortunate enough to have a chance to come back to life when his soul traveled across the continent of Ethone. But to surprise Venn Dennis is that he is in a mental hospital... What's more surprising is that he's married but he's the son-in-law of his wife's family.


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Chapter 1: New Start
Ethone Continent is a continent that developed both economically and in martial arts, but due to the passage of time, martial arts civilization has become forgotten. People no longer pay attention to martial arts, the era of innovation and development of science and technology brings many benefits to people. However, there are still many families that still inherit martial arts, still focusing on developing martial arts. In Ethone continent there are no countries, only cities divided by caste. At this time, in the city of GX. Inside a mental hospital named Chris Hani Bari, a young man with a normal appearance, and a pale face lying on the bed, motionless. His name is Venn, but he is no longer the second Venn of the Dennis family. Venn has been here for three days. To be more precise, it's been three days since he came back to life. Although three days were short, it was enough for him to understand his current situation. Venn originally came from the Balro continent. His family
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Chapter 2: Humiliating Fate
Bonnie drove Venn home. On the way, both remained silent. Where they live is the area for the rich. - When you return home, you better not do such myths, or I won't be able to save you from the mental hospital. This is Anne's family living room. The atmosphere is very smooth. For lack of a master, the Bacon family came as a guest. - Ma'am, don't be polite. Bus Bacon sat on the sofa with a very confident expression. On the table, there is a bottle of Lafite 82 years and a luxury makeup box. - Lafite 82 years! This wine is too precious, can't get it! " Jeff Bacon smiled politely at Bus Bacon, but he soon wanted to take a picture of the bottle and show it off to his friends. Fayre Paul exclaims a sentence: - Avis is so talented, it's true that he is a student studying abroad. You are polite, much stronger than my son-in-law Venn! - You are too complimented Avis Bacon smiled proudly, took a box from his pocket, and handed it to Fayre Paul. - This is a small gift I bought abro
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Chapter 3: 12 million dollars
Venn left Anne's house and took a taxi straight to the antique street in the city.Currently, Venn only has a little money left in him, so the first important thing he needs to do is make money. And antique street is a very easy place to make money, Venn has the confidence to look at the valuables.This antique market is so fake, that it's hard to distinguish.Many people buy the real thing at a high price, only to find out after checking that it is a fake.There are also many items you can buy for a few dollars and resell for many times the purchase price.If he couldn't find an item he liked, Venn decided to make a potion and sell it, sure to get a high price. However, to refine magic potions, Venn must concentrate magic power.He walked along the antique market street for a while and reached the store, the stall would stop for a while, and when he didn't like it, he left.Unknowingly, two hours had passed, and he was about to reach the end of the antique market.- Looks like today'
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Chapter 4: Meet Friends Again
Order a bit of beef steak, oyster soup, and steamed snail for a total of 1000 $. Currently, Venn is a person with money that of course can't help but enjoy. The waiter, on the other hand, was not surprised, seeing Venn's body covered in designer clothes, he knew he had a lot of money. While waiting for the food, Venn held in his hand the 5,000 $ phone he just bought, playing a bit. But suddenly there was a voice in my ear: - The restaurant service is so poor? For a high-end restaurant, I ordered a steak that hasn't been delivered in a while, is this disrespectful to the customer? Another voice filled with guilt: - I'm sorry, I'll go to the kitchen immediately. - Not much to say, I've already mentioned them twice. I don't eat anymore, give me my money back! - Sorry! Your steak is done because you want to cook it, the chef bakes it for a while. Please forgive me! - I do not need to know. I don't eat anymore! Pay. Being next to Venn completely understood, that this guest was a b
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Chapter 5: Minliz Fruit
Seeing two young girls go to the porridge shop opposite to buy porridge, Venn Dennis went in a different direction.- Minliz fruit? Truly a Minliz!Venn Dennis saw Minliz on the side of the road next to a park. His heart was blazing. Minliz is a fruit that contains a lot of magic power and has a nourishing effect on the soul. Extremely useful for magicians. But you must soak in dilute salt water before eating, otherwise, you will have diarrhea. Venn Dennis did not expect such a rare fruit to appear by the roadside.However, think about that for a moment. There are no magicians here, so this fruit can only be considered a wild fruit, with no effect.With this Minliz fruit, you don't have to worry about not being able to condense magic power. Venn Dennis suppressed the excitement in his heart, immediately went to a small restaurant, asked the owner to lend a basin, and then asked for some salt water. Receiving the pot, he immediately ran to the tree that had grown twenty small Minliz be
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Chapter 6: Job Search
Four hours later, Venn regained consciousness. He had a hunch that he would soon condense magic power, perhaps less than a week.Venn's mood was very good, he went to the kitchen to cook. After eating, he continued to return to the gym.The magic power in Venn's body gradually condensed, and he ate the remaining Minliz fruit without hesitation. After eating, the energy in the body automatically expands.With a "boom" sound, Venn Dennis only felt a tremor in his whole body. He felt a surge of energy in his body. Dennis rejoiced in his heart. He knew that magical power had formed. But still, keep practicing.Mana quickly made the meridians inside Venn Dennis' body a hundred times stronger.Another four hours passed, and Venn Dennis' eyes widened. He felt refreshed. Now despite facing ten tall men, they could not confront him.Although Venn had only recently appeared on the continent of Ethone, he knew well that in this place martial artists could defeat even magicians. He is a magician
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Chapter 7: Bonnie Is Sad
The reason this beautiful young woman said so, did not think that Venn was a talented person. It's just that she noticed Venn early on. He was repeatedly rejected by several dozen companies, but patiently continued to search and refused to give up. She was touched by this man's stubborn character. Seeing those sad eyes and messy hair, she suddenly wanted to help him. Part of it is also because my company needs people to work. Hearing the girl say that, Venn's eyes lit up. I finally have someone in my heart that believes in me. Fortunately, no one here knows Venn's identity, otherwise, even if he searched all day, no company would come across him. Maris Naila, a young woman with a bright smile, is standing in front of Venn Dennis. She winked and asked: - I'm Maris Naila, are you interested in interviewing at my company? Venn looked at the young girl in front of him, smiled, and said: - Agree, agree. What does your company do? - We manufacture and sell household and technology-rela
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Chapter 8: Exceptional strength
Chương 8 Seeing the middle-aged man covered in blood, he ran to Venn's side. Perhaps out of impotence, he immediately said to Venn: - Young man, I'm sorry for causing you trouble. I don't want to hurt you, but because I can't run anymore. Then try to run up a bit and then stoop to breathe. The group of thugs chased, seeing the middle-aged man could not run anymore, and they surrounded him. When the leader saw that Venn wasn't running, he immediately went to Venn and said: - Leave your money and come back! Venn looked at him coldly, not saying a word. A young man sitting behind saw that Mr. Venn did not speak, so he took a machete and slashed Mr. Venn. There was anger in Venn's eyes. These people are so unruly that they don't say a word. Before the young man could slash Venn, he was already in the air. As soon as he fell to the ground, he heard a crunching sound under his feet. I wanted to reach out my hand to check my body, but I discovered that my hand couldn't move. Only then
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Chapter 9: Senior Characters
Chad heard Venn say that, and a gloom flashed in his eyes. He thought that Venn wanted to say no, so he said that. But he still bowed and then left. - This type of people, benefactors should not be involved, are all bad people. Vincent heard Venn say that and thought that Venn didn't want to have much contact with Chad. Venn smiled and didn't answer. Vincent knew that Venn did not want to bring up the matter, and hurriedly said: - We go to the diner. - Good! Just call me Venn. Venn is indeed a bit hungry right now. Was invited another by Vincent, but he did not refuse. - Good! Then I won't be polite, you can just call me Vincent. After saying that, Vincent called a taxi, went with Venn to the car, then said to the driver: - Go to high-class restaurant Vin.M. The driver looked at Vincent's body covered in blood and didn't want to drive. But he got in the car, wanted to go to the biggest 5-star hotel in G.X city, and didn't say any more. Soon after arriving at the high-end re
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Chapter 10: I can cure your father's illness
Saying that Elias took a sip. - Father... The middle-aged man saw the old man drinking and immediately intervened. The old man waved his hand and said: - It's been a long time since I've seen someone like Venn, drink a glass of wine with no problem. Venn nodded, took a bottle of wine, and drank it down. One bottle runs out in a flash. - I often go to G.X city to play a bit. I never thought I would meet a friend like you. I decided not to go home drunk today. After saying that, the old man took the bottle of wine in Vincent's hand and poured himself another cup. Vincent looked at Ryder, wondering if the old man was using an excuse to drink. Ryder wanted to stop but did not dare to steal the wine from the old man's hand, so he had to say: - If not, I'll help you drink. Before he finished speaking, Elias glared at him and fell silent. Venn stopped Elias from continuing to drink and said: - I have a disease in my body, don't drink anymore. After recovering from illness, we can
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