Unstoppable Jack

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Unstoppable Jack

By: Excelhights OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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In a world that deemed him unworthy, Jackson(jack) felt like he couldn't catch a break. He was beaten down by the unforgiving hand of fate and left to suffer alone. But just as he was about to lose all hope, an unexpected opportunity presented itself, one that would change everything for the better. With his life transformed, Jackson became a force to be reckoned with, rising above his tormentors and gaining the affection of those that once mocked him. But when his cheating ex-wife returns, begging for forgiveness, will he be tempted to let her back in, or will he stay true to the new life he's built? Follow Jackson on his journey from zero to hero, and discover his real identity.

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  • Excelhights


    Hello guys I know it's been so long but no worries I'm cooking up something even better.

    2024-01-05 20:28:13
  • Excelhights


    Hello guys! Thank you for reading I hope I did not disappointing you... it's my first time writing urban book, and I hope you enjoy.

    2023-09-07 18:32:16
  • Ebube Udokamma


    Love the book already!

    2023-08-11 05:42:25
  • Ryan


    Horrible book

    2023-12-19 07:39:43
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88 chapters
Chapter 1: Betrayal
"My life is nothing but a tragedy; a single disaster shattered all my hopes." A woman in her late forties, with wrinkles of sorrow on her face, lamented, "Ever since my daughter married that good-for-nothing scoundrel, we've been nothing but his slaves; he doesn't bring a dime to the table, only takes and takes." She cried. "Can you believe that he was a passenger on that doomed flight a few years back?" One of her companions whispered, suddenly recalling the catastrophe that happened years back. "Which flight? The one that crashed and burned, killing all its passengers?" A third woman asked, horrified at the memory. "Yes, that one. Jack was on board. And he lived to tell the tale." The first woman spat, bitterly. "No way! Really?" The second woman gasped, shocked. "Then he must be loaded if he could afford a plane ticket." The third woman agreed.. "I wish he was rich, but he's not; he must have sneaked into the plane as a caterer and got trapped." The first woman moaned, "He ca
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Chapter 2: Why?
"Sure, I'll go, but you'll regret this," Jack said with a steely resolve in his voice. He turned and stormed out of the room, leaving his wife shocked and speechless.As Jack packed his things and walked out of the house, he couldn't help but feel a whirlwind of emotions. Betrayal, grief, and rage churned within him, but deep down, he also felt a sense of liberation. He had finally seen his wife's true face and realized that he deserved better.As he made his way towards his bike, he took a deep breath, trying to calm his racing mind. He knew he couldn't wallow in the pain and betrayal forever. Instead, he decided to focus on rebuilding his life and finding happiness without the weight of his unfaithful wife and scornful in-laws.With a newfound courage, Jack rode his bike towards an unknown future. He knew it wouldn't be easy, but he was ready to face the obstacles that awaited him. He would find a new job, surround himself with supportive people, and work towards building a life tha
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Chapter 3: Had nothing left
Jack stared down at the tall building, which he had finally come to terms to be his working place. He could not help but wonder if a day would come in his life, where he would be finally liberated from having to receive peanuts as his wage.As he walked into the building, he noticed some of his workers given him a bizarre stare; one that depict suspicion about an impending danger. Maybe it was just his imagination and overthinking and this madeJack ignore the stares.After placing his name on the book, which indicates that he was present for work, he heard someone visibly yell out his name. Slowly he looked around and came face to face with his boss."In my office now!" It was rare for his boss to yell at him and this made Jack anxious to know what he had done.Staring at the door of his boss, Jack could not stop his pulsating heart from beating. His brain sought to understand his actions for the past few days, but there was nothing he did that could warrant him being in trouble.In o
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Chapter 4: Young master
The moment Jack managed to pull himself back home, he was shocked to witness his properties outside his rented apartment. He knew this could only signal one single fact, he had been thrown out for failure to pay his rent.One of the men stepped out of the apartment, locking up the door, this propelled Jack to confront the man, who was dressed up in a corporate attire. "Excuse me sir?" The stare Jack got from the man screamed so much disgust and this made Jack feel less of himself. Words were not appropriate any further to explain himself as he knew that he would be chewed upon by the man."Listen to me here, I need you to get your things out of this vicinity. We rarely give out extension of time to people to pay up their rent, but you were given one and what did you do with it? You screwed it up by not paying up your rent." The man indicated and turn around to leave, but Jack was little swift to hold him back, believing he would be able to convince him.What he never expected, was to
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Chapter 5: Maybe good luck?
Jack hissed as the doctor applied a little ointment to the bruised area. Apparently, Carlos had taken him to one of the best physicians. He had been told that the wounds weren't too serious and this news thrilled Jack alot."Once you get some rest in few days to come, you will be able to recover from these wounds." The doctor proclaimed, placing the wool he had on his hands back to the case. Jack and Carlos mouthed a word of appreciation to the physician, before he would leave.Once he was out, Jack could not hold himself any longer from asking the obvious question that came to his head. "When do I get to see my company?" It felt odd that he was referring to a huge organization as his own."The choice is yours sir. I already placed a call across to the board of directors, revealing that you have been found and they are in dire need to see your face once more." Judging from the countenance on his face, Jack could tell that he had always been a good boss to everyone across. As Jack lai
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Chapter 6: His story
Jack took his seat at the long table, surrounded by the board of directors. He was the only one without a suit and tie, and he felt a little self-conscious. He cleared his throat and prepared to speak."My name is Jackson, and I'd like to share my story with you."There was a moment of silence, and then a few murmurs of interest. Jack could feel the anxiety rising in his chest, but he knew he had to keep going."When I was old enough, after my said accident I applied for a job at a large delivery company. I thought it was my chance to finally make something of myself. But I soon realized that the company was run by a man who was cruel and vindictive. When Mr. Allen found out about the mistake, he was furious. He called me into his office and started yelling at me, calling me all sorts of horrible names. I tried to explain myself, but he wouldn't listen. Then, out of nowhere, he hit me. He punched me in the face, and I fell to the ground. I was stunned and terrified. But I knew I had t
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Chapter 7: New wealth
Jack walked into the doors of the large, imposing building, and he took a deep breath. He felt a knot in his stomach, but he knew he had to do this. He had to face his past head-on. He needed to take revenge for all the things the man had done to him.He made his way to the reception desk, where a friendly-looking woman sat behind the counter. She looked up at him and smiled."Can I help you?" she asked.Jack took a deep breath and tried to sound as confident as possible."I'm here to see Mr. Smith," he said, feeling his heart pounding in his chest.The receptionist's smile faded a bit, and she raised an eyebrow. "Do you have an appointment?" she asked.Jack swallowed hard. "No, I don't," he said. "But this is important. It's urgent."She looked at him skeptically, but she picked up the phone and dialed a number. After a few moments, she spoke into the receiver."Mr. Smith?""There's a man here who says he needs to speak with you," the receptionist said. "He doesn't have an appointmen
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Chapter 8: New disguise
The blaring force of the alarm pulled Jack out of his sleep-like state. Apparently, all he believed to be true were simply images from his dream. He sighed in belief as he realized that some of the horrible things he had seen were never true.His phone suddenly blinked, and upon checking it, Sanchez was on the line. Apparently, the latter had been calling his phone, but Jack had failed to pick up. He slowly got up to his feet, stretching out his entire structure. He didn't want to pick up the phone, as he already knew how the call was most likely to start and eventually end.Staring at himself in the mirror, all he could think about was being appreciative of where he had come from. He is now the CEO of the biggest corporation in the world despite having lost his job and having his wife cheat on him."You just seem not to get a rest, do you?" Jack finally answered the call and voiced his slight irritation to Sanchez."I am sorry, sir, but I need you to understand the urgency of this me
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Chapter 9: Lady Alina
Everyone was already seated, and Jack stepped foot in the room. He noticed the absurd manner in which they all stared at him. Every single member of the Mike's Family exhumed luxury, but he wasn't bothered or felt a bit intimidated, as he knew they were miles behind him."Why have you brought this thing?" One of the members of the family asked, feeling disgusted as he held his nose as well."He needs to help serve as the clown. Meetings like this need comic relief sometimes." Jeff replied as Jen giggled. It hurts Jack as he realizes that his once-loving girlfriend was simply staring at him like a clown.The noise would eventually ease down as the door opened, revealing a man who was in his late forties. He made his way towards the top of the round table, and his presence was fully acknowledged by all who witnessed him."Who is this?" He pointed it out to Jack."He is here to serve, and he had the ability to create comic relief as well. You should have no trouble with him, as he is mer
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Chapter 10: Rose
Jack stepped out, and Mike's build swears he had a long, stressful day."Who are you?" A lady who came down from a car that had a pack asked"I think I should be asking you that." He smiled at him but only got a shock response from her."My name is Rose, one of the granddaughters of this family. I ask again, who are you?" Jack was truly pleased; she was his type and beautiful too; she had to be used too, he smiled."I'm so sorry, ma'am; I'm Jack, the new servant boy."After looking at him for a while, she nodded and walked into the building.He brought out his phone and said, "Meet me at my deputy's office." He said that, and off he went.~~~On seeing Jack walk into her office, the deputy chairman stood up as a sign of respect before he ordered her to sit back down."What can I do for you, sir?" Ella asked, feeling enthusiastic about the entire situation."I need you to help me with something really important," Jack stated."What could that be, sir?" She asked, getting a pen and pape
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