The Return of Forsaken Heir

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The Return of Forsaken Heir

By: Rafaiir_ OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Ethan Dean, a poor student who studies at a famous college must accept the harsh reality that he is in danger of being expelled due to accumulated tuition arrears. In addition, David Mcallister's group always bullies, insults, and abuses Ethan to the extreme just to make him feel humiliated. Eleanor Lara, his friend from high school and the woman he liked betrayed him because he was reluctant to deal with Ethan, who was a poor student always making trouble. His life was further ruined when his landlord kicked him out for being late in paying the monthly rent. As a result, he was completely alone with a very bad situation. One day, someone came to see Ethan. They were neatly dressed with a special message for Ethan. "You are the first heir of the Kingsley Family." The Kingsleys were a family of businessmen who held many company stocks in the city. With that fact, Ethan's life completely changed from being poor and humiliated, to becoming the richest and most influential person in town. With the wealth and power he had, he was determined to avenge the humiliation they had inflicted on him.


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  • Lieden


    Such a good stories. I like the MC attitude and how he treat his wealth with another family member. Keep it going

    2023-05-12 19:17:56
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Chapter 1. Despised Person
"Come here, you jerk!" David ordered.The 185cm tall, athletically muscled man was standing with a woman who was none other than his girlfriend, Mia. Not only that woman but there were also two men who were always close to David, Darren and Martin.Ethan, a man in shabby clothes, walked by nodding at the difference in status between them. David was the son of the CEO of Eclipse Enterprises, a company in the technology industry, unlike Ethan, who was just an ordinary student from a small town."What's wrong?" asked Ethan, his voice soft with fear in his heart."Did you listen to the lecturer? I need you to do our assignment," David replied."Why would I do that?" asked Ethan.David narrowed his eyes. He released his hold on Mia as he walked toward Ethan. His muscular right hand immediately tugged on Ethan's collar, causing the other students besides David's group to move away."Cause you'll need money to pay for your tuition, right?" asked David sarcastically.Ethan didn't answer the q
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Chapter 2. Kingsley Family
Ethan was certainly suspicious of them, strangers who suddenly asked him to go along. The dark-haired man had heard the news about human trafficking cases. Perhaps in the back of his mind, what they were about to do was part of a human trafficking plan."I-I'm not going. Maybe you have the wrong person; there are many people named Ethan in this world," Ethan explained, stumbling while trying to walk slowly away.After seeing an opportunity, Ethan ran quickly away from the place, which was suddenly chased by them. Unlike the woman who seemed silent while sitting on a sidewalk chair, the men in black suits ran quite fast.Ethan didn't run out of ideas; he entered a narrow alley that only he knew. According to Ethan, the men in black suits would not pass through this dirty, muddy, smelly alley. So, Ethan thought he was safe from them.The alley connected to the other side of the apartment block where Ethan lived. When the young man made it out with his breath ragged from running fast, he
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Chapter 3. Inheritance Rights
The furniture inside the Kingsley residence was much more luxurious than it looked outside. Ethan walked in with Astrid, while Sara and the rest of the family entered earlier than Ethan.Ethan, who had never seen such luxury, was silent, pensive, and amazed. He still didn't expect to live in a place like this, different from his small apartment.They led Ethan into the living room, between rows of long, soft sofas. Sara was seen sitting on one of the single sofas there. Not only her but four people were sitting on the long sofa, two boys and two girls."Astrid," Sara called, her voice soft."Yes, Madame?" said Astrid, walking over politely."Bring Finnley here," Sara requested.Astrid nodded. The woman who had been accompanying Ethan was now seen walking away from him toward the second floor of this residence. Ethan continued to stare at the woman from a distance."Astrid is calling Mr. Finnley. He's Mr. Kingsley's lawyer," Sara replied.Ethan smiled awkwardly. He was nervous about be
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Chapter 4. Ethan Right Hand
"Is there anything you want to ask?" asked Finnley.He had already packed his files into his black suitcase, planning to leave since the discussion on inheritance rights was over. Finnley, who had worked as Kingsley's lawyer for ten years, was satisfied and relaxed."If no one has any questions, I'll leave," Finnley replied.The man began to stand up from his seat on the sofa, followed by Astrid, who was about to escort him away. Seeing him as the leader in this place confused Ethan about where to start.The young man also stood up and walked over to Finnley outside the Kingsley residence. Finnley and Astrid were surprised when Ethan called him back."What is it, Ethan? Or should I start calling you Young Master?" asked Finnley jokingly."You know, I didn't come from a rich family before. I don't know how to run a company and manage all this wealth," replied Ethan, confused."Then you need the best teacher who can teach you. A teacher who has experience with companies and financial ma
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Chapter 5. Ethan's Patience
***The next day.Ethan returned to his campus as if nothing had happened. He came out with the door opened by one of his bodyguards. Astrid also accompanied Ethan by sitting in the front seat close to the driver."You don't have to wait for me," Ethan said, speaking through the open car window on the driver's side."But what about your safety?" asked Astrid, worried."Haha, am I really going to war? I'll be fine. It's just college," Ethan replied, laughing softly when he saw Astrid's anxious face.At first, Astrid insisted on accompanying Ethan, even when he was on campus. However, Ethan would feel limited in his activities and attract too much attention from the rest of the students."My class will end at three in the afternoon. You can come at that time to pick me up," Ethan explained, reluctant to have them follow him around campus."Alright. Take care of yourself, Young Master," Astrid pleaded.Ethan smiled broadly. Astrid said goodbye to Ethan, the car window closed, and the bla
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Chapter 6. Night Dispute
***In the evening.Ethan continued to read the books Finnley provided for him, many of them explaining entrepreneurship and companies. In addition to the college assignments he had to do, he also had bigger responsibilities than in college.The door to Ethan's office was knocked softly. The sound of the knock was clearly heard by Ethan's ears until he invited the guest to come in.The wooden door opened, revealing the late-night visitor was Hannah. She arrived in white pajamas with abstract patterns, her gray-white hair loose and untied."Oh, Hannah. Do you need anything?" asked Ethan, marking the last page of the book he was reading to continue."I want to talk about what happened on campus," Hannah replied, still standing in the open doorway."Why? Are you worried they'll tease you because you chose to save me?" asked Ethan, standing up from his cushioned chair and walking over to the woman."No, I'm not. I'm just worried about your mental state. I'm afraid you're depressed and str
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Chapter 7. Heirs Luxury
Feeling humiliated by Ethan, Sara turned around quickly and left Ethan's office without saying goodbye. Her body disappeared after she passed through the wooden door of Ethan's room. Ethan took a deep breath. He felt that with this situation, his burden as the Kingsley heir would be even heavier and more difficult. However, Ethan couldn't complain. He wanted this new life, and he had to accept it with its consequences. Looking at the clock on the wall, it was 9pm, a sign for Ethan to start resting his body. He closed the book he was reading and would resume it the next day. He walked away from his desk to leave the room. Just as Ethan was outside about to lock the door using his fingerprint, he was shocked by a rough tug from a man who was waiting for him there. Ethan looked back; he was Luke Kingsley, Sara's second son. Luke roughly grabbed Ethan by the collar and slammed Ethan's body against the wall. "How dare you make my mom cry!" snapped Luke. Ethan squinted with his eyebrow
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Chapter 8. Eclipse Enterprises Tour
*** The next day. Today, Ethan had no classes scheduled. However, his activities were quite busy today. He was already waiting for Finnley's arrival in neat clothes on the first floor. Ethan planned to participate in a seminar related to corporate leadership at Eclipse Enterprises. He disguised himself as an ordinary student with the name tag provided by Finnley. Ethan certainly didn't want people to know that he was the CEO of Kingsley Enterprises. It would only cause his learning to be disrupted. Ethan occasionally turned his head to the third floor. That morning, he had yet to meet any of Sara's family. He worried that his relationship with them would worsen due to last night's dispute. As the front door opened, Astrid arrived with Finnley at her side. The woman smiled as she invited Ethan to go immediately. "You came as a student, not the Kingsley heir," Astrid said, handing Ethan a name tag to wear. "How many people are attending the event?" Ethan asked. "It's about 20 pe
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Chapter 9. Corporate Relations
Ethan and Astrid's lift doors opened, in contrast to the lift to Ethan's left, which hadn't opened yet. Ethan saw the line of seminar attendees begin to move away. Ethan and Astrid tried to catch up to them quickly.The man tried to hide by keeping his head down. He was sure that he saw Eleanor's presence in this place. She smiled, wearing a black blazer suit the same colour as Marc's suit.But of the eighteen people attending the seminar, most were wearing formal black suits. Unwilling to take any risk, he kept his head down and noted what the seminar guide explained."This is the human resources manager's room. Supervising, monitoring, and recruiting new employees who fulfil the company's specifications. If you apply for a job here, you will meet the HR department," the seminar guide replied, smiling as he introduced the chief HR manager to the seminar participants.The man explained that the fifth floor contains rooms occupied by functional officers in the company, starting from th
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Chapter 10. Significant Change
Astrid's right hand reached into the pocket of her black suit and started calling Finnley. She was telling him about the finished tour, the two talking on the phone in the lift that went down to the first floor."Tell the driver to get ready," Astrid said, hanging up her phone and putting it in her coat pocket.Ethan, who was forcibly taken by Astrid, was surprised and confused by all this because Astrid had not shown any strange reaction from the moment she entered the company to the top floor."What's wrong? You're behaving very strangely, Astrid," Ethan said, his round eyes watching the woman beside him."In Wilfred's group. I saw my friend. He's also Wilfred's personal bodyguard," Astrid replied.Ethan continued to listen to word by word from Astrid's thin mouth. Her face turned to the left, her eyes trying to catch the curious look in Ethan's eyes. He and Astrid had been friends since Wilfred's first encounter with Kingsley. Since then, the two of them have coordinated in the eve
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