The Revenge Of Julius Sabbath

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The Revenge Of Julius Sabbath

By: Sam-crowned Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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“You are so poor, so poor that even a church rat can feed you. Just leave and allow Alexander to have sex with me.” This was the life story of Julius Sabbath, an ordinary university student wallowing in the miry clay of financial incapability and societal disrespect. For their own amusement and satisfaction, everyone poked fun at him. It became worse when his girlfriend confidently cheated on him, and every student in the university knew about it. When everything became too difficult for him, his story finally took a positive turn. Wait for Julius as he leverages his wealth, rising from the poorest to the richest in the country. "To the lady who betrayed me, and to those who mocked me, I'll make you all regret it, one after another."

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  • Sam-crowned


    Author Here!!! Hello Intending Readers, before you pick this book, understand that this book is not the usual Urban Billionaire. So please, your comments and votes count a lot. it is the fuel that drives me until the end of this great book. now, shall we?

    2024-02-08 14:23:39
  • Smiles


    Keep going Author. This can be the start of a great Urban Novel. I know you can do it.

    2024-01-28 00:45:12
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93 chapters
Chapter One: The Birthday Gift
In the late hours of the day when the sky was clothed with dark clouds. It was about to rain heavily like a sudden downpour catching everyone off guard. Even at a time like this, Julius did not mind stepping out of the lecture theater. His life was like a storm brewing on the horizon as he took a deep sigh and stared at the road ahead of him. Every day, he had to resume work after lectures as he could not afford to miss his hourly pay, coupled with the fact that he had a strict boss who did not condone lateness. Checking his broken watch like a groom who could not afford to be late for his own wedding, Julius hurried to his bicycle and jumped on it like a racer ready to take the first position. Hence, he began to aggressively pressure the pedal for the bicycle to go faster. As the bicycle was going very fast and he could feel the air singing melodies into his ear like he was listening to a church choir singing in harmony, Julius widened his cheeks like a happy kid who was holding h
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Chapter Two: The Nonchalantly B*tch  
Julius could not believe his eyes, and it was as if he were having some kind of nightmare. However, as much as he wanted to wake up, he did not. “Is this a dream? Is this real?" he said suddenly, even more confusingly. “Of course not; this is not a dream, you moron." said Olivia as she crafted her face into an irritating stare because the presence of Julius in the hotel room already disgusted her. Immediately, his heart jumped out of his body as it began to pound heavily like African drums in the jungle. At this moment, his composure was all messed up, like a device infested with a virus. He opened his mouth for words, but nothing came out other than his jaws dropping in more shock. Again, he looked at Alexander standing before him. Seeing his naked chest again and his obvious six-packs spoke volumes, like he had been working out for this day to come, and he was ready to f**k Olivia aggressively like they were in some kind of sex competition. In the same way Julius looked at Alex
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Chapter Three: The Change of Fate 
Shamelessly, Julius placed the pack of condoms on the floor as they wanted and closed the door behind him as he left the room. There was nothing he could do. He was the guy with the cute face but no strong arm like Alexander Reed. Moreover, everybody knew Alexander Reed to be the spoiled brat on campus. He easily got any lady he wanted because of his riches and also because of his broad chest and muscled arm. Even if Julius had not thought about how influential Alexander’s family was and had not blindly raised his arm into a punch on his face, he knew it was certain for him to be beaten into a pulp by Alexander while Olivia would mock him even further. “Olivia, why?” Julius unconsciously said her name again, letting out a heavy sigh as he continued to walk through the hotel grand corridor. After that, he began to reflect on how Olivia had treated him like trash. Thus, he muttered, “How can she do this to me?” Being broken like a jar that fell from a skyscraper was an understatement
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Chapter Four: Claim of the Assets
The next morning, the city felt like a breath of fresh air. Puddles reflected the city lights, and the air was cool and crisp. It was indeed a welcome relief from the previous night’s heavy downpour. Hence, the streets, now washed clean, shimmered under the morning sun, creating a familiar yet rejuvenated cityscape.Julius rose from his poor mattress and got ready to visit the rightful place his father had told him to go. His father, a wealthy tycoon, had sent him to poverty training since he was ten years of age, as it was according to their family tradition. Their belief in this training was that a wealthy heir without poverty training might someday lead the family’s companies and resources into bankruptcy. For this reason, if the heir trained in poverty and embraced street orientation and smartness, he would be able to overcome all challenges, and the companies would thrive even further under his leadership.For ten years, Julius had been in poverty training without any resources f
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Chapter Five: Fortuna Elite Bank  
“C’mon, Alexander, let him be. He is probably here to ask for a janitor's role at this prestigious bank. He needs to work his butt off to be able to afford this original Rolex wristwatch you bought for me. Hahaha. So, let's leave him. We have a party to attend, remember?” Olivia said as she placed her hands on Alexander’s chest and kissed his cheek after her words.Though it still hurt to see a woman he loves kissing another guy and being all lovey-dovey with him in his presence, Julius only looked aside as he made his entry into the Fortuna Elite Bank.The interior of Fortuna Elite Bank welcomed visitors with a blend of opulence and modern comfort. The polished marble floors echoed each footstep, leading to plush leather chairs arranged like islands in a sea of prestige. Soft ambient lighting created a warm atmosphere, while the air hummed with the quiet efficiency of transactions.The teller counters, gleaming like polished mahogany, stood as bastions of financial service, inviting
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Chapter Six: The Asset 
Hearing what the man said, Julius quickly intervened. He knew that, though Mrs. Mona was rude to him, all she did was try to protect the bank by sending out a dirty-looking scumbag like him.“No, that’s okay, Mr. Noah. Let her keep her job. She is pardoned this time,” Julius said calmly, like a master disallowing his senior student from punishing the younger one.“Oh! If that’s what you want, sir, she is pardoned, of course." The man stammered and bowed once again, like a student acknowledging his master’s wishes.“What?” Mrs. Mona thought as her eyes expressed maximum shock, like someone who had just witnessed an unexpected plot twist in a gripping movie.“This dirty-looking guy has the power to make me not lose my job? He can actually control everything here. And my boss respects him very highly. Who is this guy, actually? Who are the Sabbath family?” Multiple thoughts conquered her mind at this moment, as she remained perplexed by what she just experienced.Cutting the silence that
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Chapter Seven: Process of the Card and the School
Serving the cup of coffee, the lady quietly walked out of the office with her heels clicking softly once again. As the lady's presence vanished from the office, Julius took his hand to the cup holder and lifted the cup toward his mouth, sipping the coffee like the perfect gentleman he was.As he was gently sipping the coffee, Mr. Noah, who had quietly left the office before, made his entrance once again, grabbing a seat on the other side of the office where Julius was perfectly seated.With his glasses perched at the tip of his nose, Mr. Noah opened a blue-binded document in his hands and, with a pen held at the tip of his finger, said, “Master Sabbath, please sign here, here, and here,” pointing at the customer’s signature inbox left blanked on the document.Seeing where he was to sign on the document, Julius accepted the document, which was stretched to him politely, and glanced through it in a few seconds. “I should sign here, right?” he asked softly, placing his finger on the docu
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Chapter Eight: Nine PM
9 p.m. came early, like a surprise visitor showing up before Julius had a chance to get ready for its arrival. He was on his way to work when he began to receive several notifications on Twitter, like a pilot getting urgent alarms as his plane was crashing down to the ground from the highest point in the sky. Yet, it did not mean Julius opened the notification to see why he was being tagged too many times in a bit of a second.In this vein, he only saw the screen of his phone and exclaimed the total number of notifications he had in just half a second. “100 tags?” “What are they saying about me on that Twitter space?”As much as Julius wanted to open the notification and hear what and why he was being tagged, he could not. He had to get to work, if not for anything else, to show gratitude to the boss for allowing him to work for him during a quarter of the time he was in poverty training.Suddenly, Julius's phone began to buzz like bees singing at their honeycomb. Checking who the c
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Chapter Nine: The Call and Twitter Space 
Finally stepping out of his building, Julius' phone began to ring again. Retrieving the phone from his pants pocket, he accepted the call immediately.“Hello, Dad." His voice sounded calm and familiar, as he knew exactly who he was speaking to.“Hello, son, I am glad you have claimed your assets. It’s time to meet me at the hotel. Mr. Turner is already on his way to pick you up,” Julius heard, and the call ended immediately.Hearing the call end, Julius smiled. “He never changed,” he muttered as he returned the phone back into his pocket and walked gently to his bicycle.Standing right next to his bicycle like a faithful companion, Julius heard the notification alert from his phone again, buzzing in like a persistent hummingbird seeking attention.At this moment, Julius peaked at the height of his curiosity, like a mountaineer reaching the summit of a long-anticipated climb. He was more than ready to launch his eyes at his phone and read every tag of his name on that Twitter space.“P
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Chapter Ten: Visit and The Mansion.  
Julius let out a sudden sigh. It was obvious to him that the whole group of participants in that Twitter space had attempted to get him to talk. Nevertheless, though he was concerned about all they were discussing about him and the names they were calling him, he forced himself to only sink his phone sadly into his pocket and hold his bicycle handle.As he got on his bicycle, even though in his sad state, he exclaimed, "Olivia, you did not only leave me with a broken heart, but you made everyone on campus think I'm a fool," hence rolling the pedal forward.Suddenly, he saw three entourages of cars parked at a little distance in front of him. These were a Bentley, a Navigator SUV, and a Hummer SUV. Hence, stepping out of one of the cars was a man in a black suit and inner white. On his eyes were obvious spectacles that shone in the faint darkness and street light that dawned on him. In the same way, his black leather shoes shone like black diamonds.At the driver's seat of each car, th
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