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The award for the most trashy son-in-law goes to Jayson Wade of Jade City. No one could compare. To a man whose five children belong to another. To a man who freeloaded from his wife for 25 years. To a man who spent 25 years in his wife's kitchen without getting a job. A man who knew that he was cuckolded and still tolerated it for 25 years. What worse son-in-law could one ask for? Who could be more trashy than Jayson Wade? But all that changed when Jayson Wade transmigrated 25 years from the future with fifty years of his memories on Earth intact. To make those who made his former self die miserably. #Enjoy Jayson Wade Rise to glory

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    All I have to say is that. I am happy Jay is taking revenge and got another chance and not just that I am happy he stood up for himself. I love love this book ...️

    2023-06-27 02:43:35
  • Socorroomaria Baco


    I like this story it shows compassion, hard Ship, patince and perserverance. Keep UP the good work. Good Luck.

    2023-08-06 15:44:57
  • Maria Medeiros


    more chapters I love this book

    2023-08-02 03:16:56
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286 chapters
Chapter 1: The Reincarnation of Jayson
"Mr. Jayson, I regret to inform you that the results indicate that your fifth son is not biologically related to you. However, please do not lose hope as this is not the end of the world. Your medical report also shows that you are not impotent, which means that you are capable of fathering a child even at your age," Dr. Sam said in a composed manner. Jayson abruptly stood up and left Doctor Sam's office without uttering a single word. His mind was reeling with disbelief at what he had just heard. Could it be possible that the five children he had with his estranged wife Elena were not biologically his own? He shook his head vigorously, refusing to accept the information that Doctor Sam had just presented to him. The look of incredulity was etched on his face as he walked out of the office, convinced that they were lying to him.As Jayson stood in the hospital, a young man approached him with news that would change his life forever. "I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, Mr. Ja
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Chapter 2: Changed Son-in-Law
Upon hearing his wife's voice, Jayson felt a subconscious sense of happiness and even had the urge to comply with her command to crawl back, as she had instructed over the phone. However, as he realized the pathetic nature of his former self, he was shocked and understood why he was once known as the infamous trash of Jade City. With a firm resolve, Jayson abruptly ended the call and rode off on his scooter, ignoring the persistent buzzing of his phone in his pocket. As he was about to enter a shop to purchase some boxer gear and accessories, his attention was drawn to a motorcade that had just pulled over, and men in suits were disembarking from the vehicles. Jayson paused involuntarily, observing as the last man stepped out, and he immediately recognized him. Jayson's expression soured as he recollected something. Despite his apprehension, he approached Mr. Dawson, only to be intercepted by his bodyguard. "What do you think you're doing? My boss isn't someone you can just approac
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Chapter 3: Visit To The Underground Boxing Ring
But that was no longer possible because Jayson had been reincarnated. "You have a filthy mouth, Lucy. Did you even brush your teeth this morning?" Jayson replied, his tone acidic. Lucy's face went white. She had never expected Jayson to be so caustic with his words. Without another word, Jayson turned around and left the room. Elena's complexion paled as she realized the gravity of the situation. Without hesitation, she chased after Jayson, calling out his name anxiously. "Jayson!" Just then, Mrs. Wilson stepped in her way, her voice laced with anger. "Elena, what's wrong with you? Don't tell me you've fallen for that worthless man?" Elena shook her head frantically, her nerves on edge. "No, Mom. You know who I love. It's not him." The entire Wilson family nodded in agreement, aware of Elena's affection for Gabby, one of the wealthiest men in Jade City. Daniel's eyes sparkled with an idea. "Why don't you leave Jayson and marry Gabby?" Elena sighed and replied dejectedly, "I wis
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Chapter 4: Conditions to Return Home  
Daniel's expression turned dark with disbelief at the audacity of Jayson's abominable demand. His fury boiled over as he approached Jayson, his forehead veins bulging. Gabriel was livid and felt like he could swallow Jayson whole. "What did you just say?" Daniel roared with anger. Jayson responded nonchalantly, stretching his muscles. "Not satisfied with yesterday's beating? I don't mind repeating it," he said, flashing his white teeth. Daniel trembled with fear and glared at Jayson with animosity. "A good fly shouldn't stand in the way, buzz off," Jayson chuckled before walking into the gym centre.Jayson had just finished a rigorous training session with his gym instructor, and as he stepped out of the gym centre after taking a refreshing shower, he heard someone calling his name. It was his wife Elena, and she looked furious and filled with rage. Without much enthusiasm, Jayson began to walk towards the busy road, hoping to catch a taxi and head to the hotel he stays. But Elena
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Chapter 5: Is He Still Human?
Elena's words reverberated through the Wilson family's living room like an explosive detonation, leaving a deafening silence in their wake. Lucy and Mrs. Wilson were stunned, their mouths agape as if they could swallow eight eggs whole. "I'm sorry, what did you just say?" Mrs. Wilson asked incredulously, wondering if she had misheard. Elena shook her head, her meek and submissive husband now transformed into someone unrecognizable. "I'll make sure that thrash learns a lesson for insulting our family," Lucy declared, grabbing her purse and storming out of the room in a fit of rage. "Lucy, wait!" Elena called out, trying to stop her sister, but it was too late; Lucy had already vanished through the door. Mrs. Wilson was displeased, but she didn't intervene; secretly, she supported Lucy's resolve. "I don't think you should stop Lucy," Mrs. Wilson advised Elena when she saw her reaching for her phone. "That thrash husband of yours has suddenly grown wings overnight, and we need to pu
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Chapter 6: Survival of the Fittest
Jayson's legs trembled with anticipation as Hayden charged towards him, eliciting a deafening roar from the crowd. Jayson's heart raced with excitement as Hayden climbed into the ring, flexing his muscles and causing Jayson to gulp nervously. The announcer, a portly man holding a microphone, grinned as he addressed the spectators. "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight's match promises to be an epic showdown between our reigning champion and a promising newcomer." As Jayson scanned the arena, his heart sank when he realized that there was no referee present. He shuddered with apprehension as the announcer exited the ring, leaving the two of them to face each other alone. Jayson's heart raced with terror at the sound of a bell ringing. When he met Hayden's intense gaze, his legs gave out, causing him to shudder. The crowd erupted in laughter, filling the ring with their boisterous voices. Chants of "Kill him!" echoed around him, causing Jayson to feel like he was losing his spirit. Internal
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Chapter 7: Grandmaster Jao, Are You a Beggar?
Jayson felt his heart sink as he surveyed his surroundings. He had not expected Daniel to resort to such underhanded tactics. He knew that resisting would only lead to trouble, and so he decided to play it safe. Putting on a fake smile, Jayson addressed Daniel, "Brother-in-law, was it really necessary to be so aggressive? I was just kidding around, haha!" Daniel's expression turned sour. He had no patience for someone like Jayson. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get in the van and let's go," he said dismissively. Feeling a bit embarrassed, Jayson nodded and said, "Actually, I have a gift for my wife that I left inside. Let me just grab it quickly and then I'll join you." Daniel's face darkened even further. He was annoyed every time Jayson referred to his sister as his wife. "Hurry up and get it," he snapped, waving his hand impatiently. Jayson chuckled nervously and scurried back into the hotel, while Daniel waited impatiently, glancing at his watch from time to time. "He's tak
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Chapter 8: Showing Off As A Millionaire
Daniel and his gang erupted in boisterous laughter, causing tears to stream down their faces. Amidst the laughter, Daniel clutched his stomach and threw some cash at Jao, taunting him, "Pick up the money and scram. You must be starving after not eating for three weeks."Jayson shook his head disapprovingly and muttered, "Daniel, you're such a fool." He couldn't be bothered to engage with Daniel and his band of troublemakers. As he approached the taxi, Daniel suddenly stopped laughing and glared at him, bellowing, "How dare you!""Daniel, you're being too loud," Jayson scolded.Daniel scowled and ordered his cronies to "get them." His three henchmen flexed their muscles and advanced menacingly.Daniel's lackeys wore smug grins as one of them approached Jao, while two others headed towards Jayson. They clearly underestimated Jao, not taking him seriously.Jayson casually leaned on the car and gestured towards Daniel, instructing Jao, "I'll take care of this blockhead. You handle the oth
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Chapter 9: The Wilson Family Came  
The sales representative eagerly escorted Jayson through the various outlets, but to her dismay, he showed no interest in any of the clothing she presented to him, no matter how persuasively she presented them. "Sir, this exquisite piece was designed by a renowned Italian designer and would complement your style," she offered, only to receive yet another shake of the head from Jayson. "Perhaps this summer trend will catch your eye? It is quite expensive but worth the investment," she suggested, but again, Jayson wasn't swayed. After an hour of fruitless persuasion, the sales rep was becoming increasingly frustrated. Her hopes of earning a bonus from this sale were quickly fading. "Sir, may I ask what you're looking for?" she inquired, her expression darkening. Despite her professional demeanour, she couldn't help but curse Jayson's third-generation under her breath. "How do you expect someone like me, a millionaire, to wear such shabby outfits? Please show me something better," Ja
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Chapter 10: His First Step As An Investor
Jayson was deep in thought in his hotel room, his mind focused on where to invest his money. He had set aside the issue with the Wilson family for the time being. Suddenly, a news story about a factory sale caught his attention. He quickly pulled out his phone and began to research the company. As he delved deeper into his memories, Jayson's eyes began to glow with excitement. He remembered that the factory had once produced a popular juice that had become a household item. The owner had sold the factory and, within a year, the juice product had taken off, propelling the factory to become a multi-national company. With this information in mind, Jayson closed his eyes and pondered for a moment, before his eyes lit up with inspiration. He had found the perfect investment opportunity. Jayson exclaimed with joy, "I am rich! I am rich!" and rolled around on the bed with a wide grin. Jao looked at him in disbelief. After a moment, Jayson stood up and called someone on his phone, his hand
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