The Billionaire's lucky break

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The Billionaire's lucky break

By: Lustre Okengwu CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Marco, a poor student who struggles to make ends meet and win the respect of those around him. On the day of his 18th birthday, he is humiliated and bullied by a member of the basketball team while working to earn extra money. Just when he thinks his fortunes couldn't get any worse, he receives a phone call from a girl he has been trying to impress but instead is mocked by her. As he's about to give up, a message arrives showing that 100 million dollars have been transferred to his account. This sudden change in fortune opens up new opportunities for Marco, giving him the chance to pay off his debts, buy a new apartment, and even take the girl he likes to the cheerleading team captain's birthday party, showing her that he is more than just a poor loser.

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  • Airende Gladys


    I love this book, I don't know why the author stopped updating.

    2024-01-24 22:13:12
  • Samiat Salau


    A very interesting story with an amazing plot twist. I love the character building and how the emotions are expressed, I could feel his pain and embarrassment. Just started but I'm rooting for Marco. He better revenge against those snotty brat. And yes his father is crazy!

    2023-08-03 19:29:26
  • Debbie archer


    love it..........

    2023-08-25 15:42:33
  • Sivaprakash


    What happened author you have stopped updating

    2023-08-17 12:19:47
  • Sivaprakash


    What happened to updates

    2023-06-25 18:39:50
Latest Chapter
189 chapters
Chapter one
Marco walked into school, his mood already down from waking up to his normal life.He stood in front of the homeroom door, he didn't want to go in. His mates were not nice to him and he didn't want to face their ridicule today. He took a deep breath and opened the door, as he walked into the classroom, he was greeted by the sound of happy birthday and a room filled with balloons and streamers. Marco was taken aback and filled with confusion, as he had never experienced such kindness from his classmates before. "Happy birthday, Marco!" shouted one of his classmates, Raina.Raina is the head cheerleader and one of the nicest people Marco knows. Her smile could brighten up the whole room and right now, he felt lucky that he was on the receiving end of that smile. Marco rubbed his eyes, still not believing what he was seeing. He had always felt like an outcast at school, constantly teased and mocked for his poverty. He never expected his classmates to show him any kindness, let alone th
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Chapter two
Marco sat quietly in the corner, his head buried in his hands. He was feeling down, and he couldn't shake the feeling of embarrassment. The mockery kept repeating itself in his head like a lullaby that won't go away. They made him feel relaxed just to end up embarrassing him? on his birthday. The rest of the people were busy chatting and laughing, completely unaware of Marco's inner turmoil. They had no idea of the war that went on inside of him. How can people be so cruel as to have their hopes high up just to end up crushing them?Someone sidled up next to him and he looked to see it was Tim. "Why are you so sad, man?" the guy asked, with a smile on his face. Tim never really bullied or made mocked Marco, but he never did anything to stop it either. Marco felt surprised. Nobody has asked him that kind of question before. "I don't know," Marco replied, with a shrug. "I just feel nothing. I was expecting this, you know?"Tim shook his head.Marco ignored him and continued, "I exp
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Chapter three
He couldn't believe his luck. Could it be that his fortunes were finally turning? Could it be that he was finally getting the recognition and respect he deserved? Marco sat up in bed, his mind racing with possibilities. He could pay off all his debts, buy a new apartment, and travel the world. He could even buy the girl he had been after a dress and take her to Reina's birthday party, showing her that he was more than just a poor loser. His mind tracked back to the wish he made to the skies and wondered if that was real."Don't tell me I can wish for anything to happen and it will?" he asked into thin air.He chuckled as he laughed. That can't be the case. As the possibilities swirled in his head, Marco couldn't help but feel a sense of hope and excitement. Maybe, just maybe, things were finally looking up for him. Maybe, just maybe, he could finally be happy on his birthday.For a second, he let himself dream about the possibilities but a frown quickly marred his face when he under
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Chapter four
Marco tossed and turned all night, unable to sleep a wink. His mind was racing with thoughts of the conversation he had had with his father the last night. Could it be true? Was he a millionaire? Marco knew he wouldn't be able to rest until he had answers, so he decided to get up early and go to the bank.As he made his way to the bank, Marco's nerves were on edge. He wasn't sure what to expect, and he was half-afraid that this was all some kind of elaborate joke. But as he entered the bank, he was determined to find out the truth.To Marco's disappointment, the staff at the bank seemed to ignore him as he entered the bank. He stood there for a few minutes, feeling invisible and helpless before he mustered up the courage to speak.As he approached the counter, Marco could feel the eyes of the staff upon him. He knew that he wasn't dressed like a typical millionaire, his clothes were shabby and worn, a far cry from the designer suits and designer shoes that many wealthy people wore. Bu
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Chapter five
"Mr. Marco," the bank manager called out.Marco turned to see the manager stepping out from the counter."your balance is 100 million dollars, sir," he said as he bowed slightly.Marco opened his mouth to say something when the sound of laughter stopped him, he looked behind him and a frown marred his face as he saw Dahlia and the man she came with laughing.They couldn't contain their laughter as they remembered just the day before when Marco was just a struggling student with only 100 dollars to his name."You must be joking," Dahlia exclaimed through her laughter. She turned to Marco with a look of disdain on her face."Yesterday, you were just a loser who made a living by washing dirty clothes at the university."Marco shrugged but said nothing. He didn't deem them fit to offer any explanation.The manager went back to his office muttering something along the lines of, "I need to check something." leaving Marco to his tormentors.As Dahlia and her companion approached the counter,
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Chapter six
Marco felt a sense of confusion and fear wash over him as the manager led him into his office. He couldn't understand what could be wrong with his account, and he couldn't shake off the feeling that something was off.Once inside the office, the manager turned to Marco and said, "I need to verify your identity, Mr. Marco. This account belongs to the McKellen family."Marco's confusion turned to shock as he realized what the manager was saying. He had never mentioned his family to anyone at the bank, and he couldn't understand how they knew about them. "Please have a seat while I get things ready," the manager said.Marco made himself comfortable in one of the chairs, he stared at the manager's face trying to see if this was some kind of ploy.The manager took one look at Marco's face and tried to pacify him. "you can understand that I am doing this for security reasons."Marco nodded."I can assure you that I am who I say I am," Marco said, trying to keep his voice steady. "I've neve
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Chapter seven
As Marco stepped out of the manager's office, he felt nothing but relief. As he scanned the bank lobby, he noticed that Dahlia, and her supposed boyfriend, were nowhere to be found. The only people left were the bank staff, who were busily going about their work.As he approached the teller's counter, he could feel eyes on him. He heard a snicker from one of the staff members, and his stomach dropped. He knew what was coming. The teller, a young woman with a smirk on her face, leaned forward to her colleague and said in a mocking tone, "So, pretending to be rich now?"Marco's face flushed with embarrassment and anger. To have someone belittle him like this was insulting. He was about to respond when the bank manager stepped out of his office. The manager's expression was one of fury, as he glared at the staff member who had spoken. "How dare you speak to one of our most honorable clients in such a manner," he boomed. " He deserves your respect, not your ridicule."Her face went pa
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Chapter eight
"you are kidding, right?" Marco muttered. The saleswoman's expression changed from one of indifference to one of annoyance. "Excuse me?" she turned to him fully.Her lips formed a sneer and it took all his willpower for him not to flinch from her aggressiveness.She seemed to be on the brink of arguing with him, but before he could say anything, a young girl rushed over to them."I'm so sorry, sir," the girl said, her voice filled with apology. "According to the rules of this shop, every client should have a salesgirl to serve them. I don't know why no one has served you yet, but I'll be happy to assist you.""Really?" he asked with a raised brow.the girl blushed."yes sir.""thank you," Marco said to the young girl.He glared at the saleswoman with contempt in his eyes, the words he desperately wanted to say were stuck in his throat but he kept mute.He didn't want to give the woman another reason to hate him and he didn't want to disappoint his mother either. She raised him well.
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Chapter nine
The salesgirl looked at him with surprise and admiration, "Sure, let me ring those up for you."As he waited for the salesgirl to ring up the bags Marco grinned with satisfaction.He almost burst into laughter at the look on her face but he didn't want to make her uncomfortable.He knew that the three people who had laughed and mocked him were watching and he wanted to show them that they were wrong. He felt the back of his head tingle from the weight of their stares but he paid them no mind."Sir, are you sure you want to buy all of these bags?" the salesgirl asked, trying to mask her skepticism.Marco smiled at her, "Yes, I am sure."They were all shocked as they stared at him, Marco knew they wouldn't take him seriously like this.As Marco walked up to the cashier again, the saleswoman couldn't help but let out a scoff. She couldn't believe that this man, who she had previously dismissed as a "loser," was going to make a purchase."Are you sure you can afford all of these?" she a
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Chapter ten
Marco breathed in the cool air as he stepped out of the mall. his shoulders were raised a bit high. He walked with a confidence that he found hard to get before. A scoff left his lips as he stared down at the bags in his hands, he bought all of this just to prove a point.Pathetic. He stood to the side as the cars passed him, his head swimming with happiness, the smile on his face kept growing bigger as he remembered the money in his account. All this shopping and it didn't leave a dent in it. Marco hailed a cab and when one stopped, he entered and sank into the seat as a sigh escaped his lips, his mind still reeling from the encounter at the store. He couldn't believe how rude those people had been to him. It had made his blood boil, and he had been determined to do something about it. He had made that girl smile and that's all that matters. He was proud of himself for standing up to them, but as the cab made its way through the city, his thoughts turned to Dahlia. He couldn'
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