39. Calling
*Bang!* *Bang!*

In a particular area of a forest, sounds of something trying to break out could be heard. After a while, the noise didn't stop but instead became even more frequent.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *BOOOM!*

After a series of bursting noises, it finally ended in an eruption. All this time, the mist above a specific ground on that forest was flickering incessantly. But right after the exploding noises, the mist was dispersed with speed that could be seen with naked eyes as a man that had half of his body drenched in blood walked out of the mist.

The man's eyes were bloodshot. He knew he had wasted a lot of energy, especially when he had to break down the strange formation that had trapped him all this time. He had taken care of the wound in his right shoulder and stopped the bleeding, but the previous barrage of attacks inside had made his clothes drenched in blood.

'Good, now I have finally got out, it's time to find out how Lei Mu has fared.'

The man was Bai Tu. He had finally e
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