38. Rescue
Arriving at the area near the edge of the cliff, Luke saw an old man and young girl that was tied into a tree. Proceeding to their side, Luke pulled out one of the twin blades and cut the rope immediately.

Removing the cloth that gagged her mouth, Xu Qingli immediately dashed at Luke and hugged him tight, while she cried, "You are here. Thank you for saving us…"

Patting Qingli's back gently, Luke smiled wryly and spoke, "Umm.. I'm sorry. Seems like your guys got kidnapped because of me."

Releasing her hug, Qingli stared at Luke with a bitter smile and said, "We are sorry too. Both of us know that Zhao Peng and his men would be looking for you. That guy had a sensitive spot for his reputation.."

Widening his eyes a little bit, Luke asked in curiosity, "Is that why you were going outside early yesterday?"

Shaking her head, Qingli answered, "I actually had a business with someone that morning. But on my way to the shop, I heard some particular news. Zhao Peng was furious and held his
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