82. World Traveler

Stepping backwards unconsciously, Luke showed a shocked expression as he cheated the teleportation spell. In a blink of an eye, Luke had moved fifty meters away from Hong Ming and asked in bewilderment.

"What are you?!"

'No, more importantly, how could he know that name? Not even anyone in Luke's world had realized that and yet…'

Yet, that person could guess his real identity just like that? Even the being's posture was casual as if he had stated the weather today or talking about the price of vegetables on the market. Moreover, isn't it too sudden? This was his second world to cross over but there was someone, someone, who knew his deepest secret. Not to mention, that someone or being was much stronger than him by tens of miles.

"Your name."

With Hong Ming's muttering snapped Luke back to reality, Luke instinctively asked back as he didn't hear the voice clearly, "What?"

"I said your name." Answered Hong Ming while he pointed above his head, while he explained, "I could
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