The Secret Behind The Storyline

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The Secret Behind The Storyline

By: Cherin Kauma OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Damian, a royal prince who is famous for being cruel and sadistic, accidentally meets a small child after slaying a clan of demons. The meeting made him decide to take care of the innocent little boy in secret, who without forgetting had a secret power. "Prince Damian, how long will you continue to take care of Ethan in secret? Would it be better if you took care of him openly? Only he can come in handy and become your strongest weapon!" said the assistant. "He's just an innocent kid, not a weapon! I'll take care of him until he's big even though he'll never recognize my figure," Damian said coldly. What's the next story? Will fate bring Damian and Ethan face to face?

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Who is this kid?
Dug... Dug... Dug...The loud stomping of the horse's hooves was clearly audible. It seems, the residents of a village are now gathering because they go about their daily routine by doing physical exercise."Did you hear the hoofs?" asked one of the villagers to the companion beside him."Yes I heard it. Is that your highness?" he asked back which made the villagers put on a flat face."Hey, are you stupid? Your noble lord has just returned to his palace a few hours ago. I'm afraid that the wolf ghost is coming," replied the villager which made his companions speechless.Just finished speaking, suddenly a horse hit several villagers which made the other villagers shocked. Not long after, several other cavalry came and killed all the gathered villagers. Bloodshed continued, the remaining villagers tried to escape.But unfortunately, what they did was in vain. They were successfully chased and killed with a very sadistic until leaving the village head. One of the masked men approached t
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"Ah I see, fine I'll let you join the sect you mean as long as you can beat me," Cadwagn stood up, challenging Ethan.Seeing this, Ethan paused for a moment and then stood up. After that..."I'm okay attacking brother right?" asked Ethan innocently which made Cadwagn chuckle."Of course, even if you or I get hurt it doesn't matter either," Cadwagn curtly said. And a fight between the two of them ensued.Elsewhere....Damian appeared who had now entered his study and sat on a chair. He took the document and read it while massaging him head. Not long after, Jacob entered him room and stood right in front of him."Prince, did something happen? You look very dizzy and pale," said Jacob which made Damian look at him."Hu, I heard complaints from sect teachers that some sect disciples lost in inter-sect battles and that's really detrimental! Plus my duties are getting more and more increasing because of the many crimes that have occurred," said Damian, which made Jacob petrified.Jacob, who
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Unwanted meeting
"Are you stupid? A child like him, how can you use magic to make his face handsome?! His face is pure handsome from birth," said Lin which made Eren laugh hearing it."Ah, just like that, he uses magic to take care of himself. If so, I also want a way to be handsome like him," said Eren, which made Lin shake her head while Ethan was silent for a moment."Hmm, all this time I was taught techniques to use magic but not to beautify myself but to fight and defend against enemy attacks. I just found out that magic can be used for things like that," said Ethan innocently which made Lin gawk at him as well also with Eren."Hmm, magic is not only used in the world of martial arts but also for daily life. For example, such as cooking, taking care of yourself, herding and others," Michael said which made Ethan, Eren and Lin stare at him."Ah again, you're the one who always gives explanations, next time you just keep quiet until I really don't know what to answer!" Lin snapped which made Michae
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Don't have a mother
"We're done with this meeting. I want to rest," Damian snapped as he left his room. Everyone fell silent when they saw Damian who just walked away until..."Hu I always get afraid when I face the lord prince," said the sect gatekeeper which made Cadwagn and the rest of the sect administrators laugh."Haha I'm also afraid, moreover, the prince always speaks in a cold and natural tone that is flat and cruel," said the vice sect master."That's right, even so the prince has a charming face that's why he is quite popular among women. Oh yes, Mr. Cadwagn, is it true that you are close to Ethan?" said the sect master who then changed the subject. Cadwagn smiled faintly and nodded."That's right, I have considered Ethan as my own younger brother. I have taken care of him since he was little," explained Cadwagn who made everyone silent, nodding his head.While on the other hand...."Ethan, this is the first time I've seen someone like you! For the first time in my life, I saw a sect disciple
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Conversation at the restaurant
Meanwhile on Damian's side...It looks like Damian, Ethan, Eren and Lin are now waiting for their orders to arrive. While waiting, Ethan, Eren and Lin decided to have a chat. As for Damian, all this time he had only been listening and at the same time judging Ethan's behavior."Hmm Ethan is so different from me. He's an extrovert whereas I'm introverted and famous for being cruel. Even though I only kill bad people, not good people but everyone knows I'm cruel and thinks that I also hurt bad people. Humanity, always lies , slander, saying nothing and sometimes believing fake news," Damian thought, irritated.When Damian had just finished thinking, suddenly Ethan and the others stared at him. Of course this surprised him."Why?" asked a confused Damian."Master Cadwagn hasn't spoken a word since. Usually, master Cadwagn is very active in conversation," Lin said with a small laugh. Hearing that, Damian was petrified and laughed."Ah hahahaha I see. Yes, I didn't intend to interrupt your
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Rare Shop
After thinking, Damian returned to meet Ethan, Lin and also Eren who had just finished talking about it in secret."I already paid for it, how about for example we immediately return to the sect?" said Damian. The three nodded in agreement, then stood up."Let's go back to the sect now! It's getting late," said Ethan, Damian nodded his head. After that the four of them left the sect and decided to tour the territory of the Eagle sect before actually returning to the ghost wolf sect.A few minutes later..Now Damian, Ethan, Eren and also Lin have toured the Eagle Sect. The four of them passed the various merchants who were on every street."There are so many things and food sold here," said Ethan, Lin nodded her head as he took Ethan's hand."Ethan, how about we buy a couple necklace for example? There's a shop here that sells rare items at cheap prices. But to buy those items, don't just pay for it with money! Your strength is also tested. The greater your strength, the better. the ch
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Annoying ninja
***A few hours later....Michael appeared to enter his room after training in the basement. When he opened the door to his room and went inside, suddenly..."Quickly follow us!" said someone who looked like a ninja who was now pointing his knife at Michael. Michael was silent, not long after that Ethan came who immediately kicked the ninja's face."How dare you disturb my friend who just finished training," said Ethan coldly which made Michael silent as well as his ninja."Wow... well... well... this is the first time we've met a sect disciple who dares to fight! No matter how strong they are, no sect disciple can fight us like this," said the ninja. Ethan, who heard this, was silent for a moment then after that, he smiled faintly."Hmm okay then, just take me. Not my friend!" Ethan surrendered which surprised Michael as well as the ninja in front of him who was also surprised by Ethan's attitude."Wow... I thought you wanted to fight with me but didn't you?" said the ninja."Hmm, th
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