The Secret Billionaire in Disguise

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The Secret Billionaire in Disguise

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Daniel was a stain to the Hughes Family name, not only because he was just a live-in son-in-law, but also because everyone thought he was a useless bum, including his wife. He was disgusted, despised, seen as a pig, and a shame to the family. But his real identity as a prominent heir with superpowers remained a secret. Will the relationship with his wife change because of the secret he has kept away from her? Will the Hughes family finally accept Daniel as their son-in-law? These questions will be answered as you continue to read this book. Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction and any similarities in names and characters are purely coincidental.

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“At 10 o’clock, Daniel was on the hospital bed with a frown on his face thinking about his life. A young guy in his early twenties walked into the room with a document in his hand.This useless guy had been freeloading off the Hughes family for five years, and he was more prone to failure than success. Finally, he could get lost."A divorce agreement?"Daniel felt like there was a bell ringing in his head, and he felt dizzy. He covered his forehead and looked at his brother-in-law, confused."My sister has been noticed by Samuel from the Maclean family. You'd better be sensible and not cause any trouble. If there's another drunk driving incident, your luck may not be so good next time."Joseph threatened and half-advised. "Andonly Samuel is worthy of my sister. If you love her, let her go!"He already hated his brother-in-law, who was neither from a wealthy family nor had money himself, and wished his sister could divorce him immediately!He didn't understand whether hisgrandfather
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Daniel saw the countdown in the center of the pentagram finally change from 70 to 79, and his heart was filled with complex emotions.He had left home and married into the smallHughes's family because of a promise, and almost no one knew about it except his father and a few close friends.And now, everything was finally coming to an end.While he was lost in thought, Sophia’s voice suddenly came from outside the door"Samuel? Why are you here?""I came to see Daniel. I heard he was almost hit by a car yesterday." Another voice with a teasing tone said and then pushed open the door directly."You see, I said he has good luck. Isn't this great?" Although he said so, Samuel’s eyes almost popped out.Yesterday, he had paid a lot of money to find someone to drive a truck and hit this waste.So when he heard that Daniel was okay, just unconscious, he was completely confused.How is this possible!?"Samuel? Are you so happy to see me? Your eyes almost fell out. " Daniel calmly spoke and al
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Samuel couldn't say a complete sentence.Who do you think you are Daniel!?If I want to kill you, you should bow your head and wait for my knife to fall, or take the initiative to catch it with your neck!But how dare you kill my bodyguard!?He looked at Daniel bitterly, but when he saw his expression had not changed, his heart felt cold again.This indifferent look. There is no understatement of the importance of life. Could it be that he was an executioner before? At this time, he suddenly remembered that he knew nothing about Daniel at all!"But what?"Daniel said softly, "But how dare me?" He seemed to be a little impatient, and he walked towards Samuel faster, which made him frightened out of his wits, and quickly shouted: "You, you can't kill me!"His voice was a little loud as if he wanted to alarm the security guards. But he forgot that he had told them that no one was allowed to come in no matter the noise that came from the ward.The security guards probably thought he was r
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"Just now, why was Sophia in such a hurry? Did something happen to the company?" Daniel didn't pay attention to what happened afterward."What do you mean by this?" Sophia’s cold face was full of incredulity. "Just because there was a problem with the dividends, you laid hands on my company?" She sat in a private room of a teahouse, looking at her relatives."What problem? It's one million dollars!" A heavily make-up woman shouted directly."Yes, cousin, this year's interests are not right. " Joseph saw that his cousin had encountered this situation and quickly expressed his position."Hmph! The car I wanted to buy is now ruined. Cousin, you have to give it back to me!" Others spoke up, and the scene suddenly became noisy."Enough!" Sophia shouted and calmed down the scene.But just a moment later."What's your name!" A girl of the same age as Sophia touched her beloved ring as if she had been frightened."Yes, Sophia, we just hope you can investigate properly and not let others take
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"Daniel!”Sophia looked at the man in disbelief. She was familiar with his appearance, his voice. But what was strange was the hostility in his words.Was it for her?A hint of sweetness appeared in her heart."Daniel, do you have the right to speak here?Get out of here!"Before Maxwell could speak, Ethan spoke coldly.This fool was almost despised by the entireHughes family!Daniel hadn't spoken yet, but Joseph had already spoken anxiously, "He can't leave!Daniel, what did you mean by what you just said? Are you provoking us?"He wanted to put Daniel on the opposite sideof the entire Hughes family in his words and actions!Sure enough, many people were looking at him with unfriendly eyes.Yes, how dare this pig talk to them like that!"It's okay," Daniel comforted Sophia softly, then replied indifferently, "Did I say something wrong? You were all so united just now in speaking for Michael, I thought he was your father!"He suddenly turned to the silent Maxwell and said, "Isn't tha
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"Sophia, are you going to cancel all their bonuses?"She was still hesitant. After all, those were her relatives! She was struggling inside."Are they going to stay for the New Year? Cancel all the bonuses except for Uncle Noah."Seeing her hesitation, Daniel knew that her weakness had surfaced again and made a decisive decision.Sophia hesitated but ultimately agreed to the decision.Then, she looked at Daniel and finally asked her doubts "How did your leg suddenly get better? And, why are you like this today...She felt that Daniel today was completely different from before, not caring about anything. When Daniel scolded Uncle Noah and others in the cafe just now, he was imposing.Thinking of this, she saw a glimmer of light in Daniel’s beautiful eyes.Is this Daniel’s true personality?But why did he hide it for five years?She thought of this, her heart was in a mess, and Daniel was a little uncomfortable andsaid, "Are you ready?"Ready for what?Sophia was a little confused, but
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No one dared to speak until Daniel finished slapping Jeffery repeatedly. "Stop, stop!' Jeffery’s jaw was swollen, and he quickly begged for mercy. "Now tell me what's going on," Daniel demanded. Jeffery's eyes darted around as if he was thinking of another excuse, but Daniel didn't even listen and slapped him again. Daniel had no mercy because he was almost certain that this bastard was causing trouble. "Stop, I'II talk!" Jeffery's head was buzzing, afraid that Daniel would continue to slap him endlessly and he would end up in the hospital. "Daniel! What are you doing!" Suddenly, a voice rang out. The closed gate of the magnificent Hughes Group suddenly opened, and a greasy middle-aged man came out. He saw Daniel daring to hit a little boy and his face changed. "Daniel, our top priority is to protect our customers! What are you doing now? Do you want the company to make tomorrow's headlines!?"He spoke and directed several security guards to move forward. But Sophia’s cold voice so
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Is that all settled then?" Sophia Hughes couldn't believe how smoothly things had been resolved."I spoke to them reasonably, and they understood," Daniel replied confidently."Speaking reasonably? But different people require different approaches," Daniel explained patiently. He knew that although Sophia controlled the entire company, she lacked experience in this area. "Some people will listen to reason, while others will only respond to force. For those people, you need to use force first before they will listen to reason.""However, there may be people who are truly in dire straits. Although they may be physically healthy, their families may be in desperate need of money. So before doing a good deed, you need to investigate carefully. Otherwise, you may be taken advantage of and end up being seen as a fool. Although I don't care about the money, those who truly need it may lose their last bit of hope."Sophia nodded repeatedly. No one had ever explained these things to her before.
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Yes, young master!" A respectful voice came from the other end, extremely humble and polite.For the past five years, everyone had treated him like a useless person, just someone who knew how to sweet-talk and make Sophia happy, all while living off the Hughes family's wealth.But being addressed as "young master" was a rare occurrence. Suddenly hearing those words he hadn't heard in so long, a barely noticeable smile appeared on his lips, a sign of extreme confidence.Hanging up the phone, he continued to stroke Sophia’s hair.The secretary smiled at the lovely sight of Daniel who was patting Sophia’s head with love in his eyes.Before, she also thought Daniel was a freeloader, but today, he effortlessly resolved the matter of the Hughes family’s dividends and their partnership with Prince sheriffs to seize power. It was enough to blind her eyes!So in her eyes, Daniel had become somewhat mysterious."Mr. Daniel, would you like a cup of coffee?" The secretary poured two cups of coffe
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"Who are you, and why should I believe you?" Alex gave Daniel a suspicious look. His wife had left him and their daughter, when Violet was only one year old, supposedly for a wealthy man. But Alex had not been too upset. He lived a relatively peaceful life, as long as he had enough to eat and feed his daughter.However, after Violet fell ill, he spent all his savings trying to cure her. The doctors said the only way to save her was through a heart transplant, but he couldn't afford it.That was when Mark Holmes appeared out of nowhere. In their rented room, Alex heard a knock on the door and stood up, alert."Dad, is it a bad guy?" Violet asked while playing with her teddy bear."Don't worry, I'm here," Alex gave her a reassuring smile.Violet had a feeling that the person at the door was not a good person, and she was right. The man has a sinister look, with black lips and a scruffy beard."Who are you?" Alex had never seen this man before, despite knowing everyone in the constructi
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