Reality Game Changer

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Reality Game Changer

By: Alexander King OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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To save his grievously ill mother, broke college student Alex takes a shady deal to test black market software for a mysterious hacker. He must install the illegal update in his favorite virtual reality game, Elysium Quest. But Alex quickly realizes the hacked program triggers consequences reaching far beyond just getting his gaming account banned. Soon he's battling ruthless gamers determined to exploit the technology at all costs, evading escalating legal investigations, and making dangerous choices that push his moral limits. In a world where virtual and reality intertwine, Alex will risk everything to acquire the funds for a miracle cure. Along with help from his quick-witted childhood friend Emma, Alex is thrust into a high-stakes adventure full of combat, intrigue, and life-altering twists. As he masters new abilities, uncovers hidden truths, and fights for more than just survival, he learns what power and integrity mean when your back's against the wall.

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  • Alexander Ezeh


    Nice book expecting more from you.

    2024-01-15 21:48:45
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106 chapters
Chapter One
The sun rose over the gleaming skyscrapers and winding streets of Metropolis, the largest city in the nation of Utopia. A city where dreams are brought to life and also where dreams are shattered.Alex wiped the sleep from his eyes as his alarm blared, stretching out his hand, he slammed on it as he had done every single day. With a low groan, he sat up on the edge of the bed, signaling the start of another long day. At just 22 years old, he felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. As the only child, he had no one to call, and no father to even remember.Alex was of average height and build, with messy brown hair and green eyes that shone with equal parts intellect and exhaustion. Alex's humble abode was a studio apartment on the outskirts of Metropolis. Though cramped, he tried to make the most of the limited space. Against one wall was his single bed, the dark blue comforter always messy from his perpetually exhausted state. His desk and computer setup took up the opposite c
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Chapter Two
Alex stumbled out of the lecture hall in a daze, his mind clouded with worries about his mother and their lack of money, the reminder was that he had to find a way to pay up before the end of the quarter, and that was barely 3 weeks from the current date. Suddenly, he felt a fist lightly bump his shoulder from behind."Hey space cadet, are you still in there?" a familiar voice teased.Alex turned to see his childhood friend Emma grinning at him. Despite his stress, he couldn't help but smile back at her comforting presence.Emma had been by his side since their early school days, they got through childhood together and since then they had always been partners. Emma was of average height with long, wavy blonde hair framing her bright blue eyes. Emma's bubbly spirit and sharp wit could always lift Alex's mood, even in the darkest of times.They had both gotten into the medical program at Metropolis University, though Emma was never quite the flawless student Alex was. Still, her intelli
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Chapter Three
Alex stared at the contact info for Zane that Emma had forwarded him. It was just a simple username - "Zane419". No other details or instructions. He could easily message this Zane character in Elysium Quest and probably get a quick response.Yet Alex hesitated, his finger hovering over the enter key. Should he really go through with this shady deal that could potentially get his account banned?His EQ character had been built up over years of painstaking work. Maxing out levels in combat, sorcery, crafting - not to mention amassing rare armors and weapons. He was proudest of the thriving virtual business he'd created, an in-game shop where he sold merchandise for gold coins. It was all completely legitimate according to EQ's terms of service.If his account got deleted, all that hard work would vanish instantly. Sure, he could always start fresh and build a new character. But without the items, levels, and reputation he'd earned, it just wouldn't feel the same.Then again, it's not l
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Chapter Four
Two weeks crawled by without any word from Zane. With each passing day, Alex grew more anxious. He constantly checked his Elysium Quest account, but there were no new messages. Where was Zane? Had he forgotten about the deal already? Or worse - had Zane's update gotten Alex's account been blacklisted for messaging a hacker before they could even connect?But he haven't even installed anything yet. He only gave him his username and his stats in EQ, so there would be no way the gaming company would ban an account that haven't done anything illegal.With a sigh, Alex cooled off because he was only thinking too much. While waiting in limbo, Alex did his best to continue on with his exhausting routine. Each day blurred into the next as he bounced between delivery driving, coffee shop shifts, and night classes, all the while caring for his ailing mother.The grueling schedule allowed little time for gaming or distraction. But late at night when sleep evaded him, Alex would log into EQ, ha
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Chapter Five
Hyperion Hub was the bustling central trading area and meeting point in Elysium Quest. Located in a gleaming futuristic city, it served as a commerce hub and safe zone where no combat was allowed.Flying vehicles zoomed between towering skyscrapers of chrome and glass. Neon signs advertised shops, taverns, inns, and services from every galactic sector. The sidewalks were constantly crowded with avatars of every shape, size, and species browsing wares from around the virtual universe.In Hyperion's massive open-air market, merchants hawked rare loot and artifacts collected from dangerous quests. One could find exotic weapons, armors, potions, pets, and mounts that granted special abilities. The items available were only limited by players' imaginations and skills.Those seeking adventures could meet potential party members or check the quest boards overflowing with opportunities ranging from local errands to epic intergalactic missions. The hub contained portals leading to countless re
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Chapter Six
Alex stopped by Metropolis General Hospital to see his mother. As he locked up his scooter outside the towering medical complex, feelings of apprehension and sadness washed over him. He tried to steel himself before heading inside.Alex nodded politely to the receptionist as he passed the front desk. His feet knew the route by heart, having traversed these sterile halls far too often. Each turn and elevator ride brought him closer to his mother's room on the 5th floor.Outside her door, Alex took a deep breath before entering quietly. The steady beep of monitors filled the small space. Alex felt his heart constrict to see his once lively, vibrant mother lying motionless in the hospital bed. Her face looked pale and gaunt, her breathing shallow.Alex pulled a chair close to the bed and sat down. Though she appeared asleep, he still took her frail hand gently in his own."Hi Mom, it's me again," he said softly, managing a sad smile. "Sorry I couldn't come by yesterday - double shift at
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Chapter Seven
With bated breath, Alex watched the progress bar slowly fill as the controversial update was installed. The process took nearly an hour, during which Alex paced his small apartment anxiously. His mind raced with possibilities both thrilling and terrifying about what effects the cracked software could trigger.Alex hesitated only a moment before initiating the restart, his finger trembling slightly over the power button. As the computer powered down and then slowly hummed back to life, Alex felt his heart hammering. This was the moment of truth.With a deep breath, he rebooted his system and waited as the computer restarted. Relief washed over him as it hummed back to life with no immediate signs of problems. But the real test would come when he logged into Elysium Quest.Donning his VR visor and gloves, Alex loaded up EQ, his heart pounding in anticipation. But instead of his character spawning in the familiar virtual hub, Alex found himself in an endless expanse of glaring white noth
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Chapter Eight
Alex could hardly believe the numbers appearing on his computer screen as the cryptocurrency transfer was completed. Nearly $50,000 was successfully deposited into his account, converted from the virtual funds Zane had sent. It was more money than Alex had ever seen in one place.He wasted no time initiating an electronic funds transfer to his real-world bank account that had barely received any funds in the past years. The transfer fee stung, but Alex knew he had to convert the crypto to usable cash immediately because it was a very unstable currency.The next afternoon, Alex's bank app notified him the funds were available. He rushed to the nearest branch, withdrew the maximum daily amount in cash, and then brought the rest out in certified checks for larger payments. Sitting in his idling on his bed back home, Alex stared down at the stack of checks and piles of hundred-dollar bills in disbelief. It seemed unreal after all his financial struggles.Alex's first stop for his spending
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Chapter Nine
After the stressful morning securing his mother's treatment, Alex returned home exhausted both physically and mentally. He collapsed into bed, finally allowing his body to fully rest after years of constantly working multiple jobs.At first, Alex slept deeply and dreamlessly, catching up on much-needed sleep. But as the day progressed, his slumber grew fitful. Disturbing dreams invaded his mind, featuring the endless white void of the Nexus and the cryptic AI's foreboding words.Alex found himself searching desperately for an exit from the blank, glowing expanse as an overwhelming feeling of isolation set in. He called out repeatedly for anyone who could help or explain what was happening. But only silence answered. Just as panic threatened to overtake him, Alex awoke with a start.Catching his breath, he silenced the alarm blaring beside his bed. It was time to get ready for his evening classes. Alex hauled himself up and took a cold shower, hoping to shake away the unsettling vision
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Chapter Ten
Alex awoke feeling intensely disoriented. The vivid dream - or was it more? - lingered disturbingly in his mind. But with no way to conclusively make sense of it yet, Alex resolved not to let the bizarre experience disrupt his day.After a quick breakfast, he jumped in the shower, hoping the hot water would help ground him and wash away the surreal visions from his subconscious. As he lathered up, Alex's thoughts drifted back to the AI's cryptic warning about not taking certain regretful actions.What had it meant exactly? Were they threats? Or well-meaning advice? He racked his brain but the answers eluded him.Alex turned the water hotter, trying to let it rinse away both his physical grogginess and mental unease. But suddenly a piercing high-pitched tone rang out inside his head.He staggered, clutching his temples as pain seared through his mind. It felt as if a grenade had gone off inside his brain. Alex collapsed to his knees, vision blurring as the agonizing tone continued to o
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