The secret system of neglected son-in-law

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The secret system of neglected son-in-law

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"I am going to make all of them pay. I am going to take revenge of everyone who looked down on me my whole life." Ding! "You have activated the secret system." Michael is a 25 year old man who just got thrown out of his wife family business. When his wife and her family despise and humiliate him for being poor Michael swears to get revenge on everyone who ever has turned him down. And just then, after almost getting hit by the car he activated the secret system. With the help of the system, he will recognize his full potential and take his revenge on those who wronged him.

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1. Chapter A disappointment of the John's family
AT JANUARY 1STAT THIRD PERON'S POV:Michael Smith was one of the sons-in-law in John's family. His wife Isabella was his lover and he worked at their international business company 'Global Solutions'. He was working only as one of the simplest jobs there. He has never finished college even tho his current job lets him do it online. His wife Wanessa was one of Joh's international companies and now his 'boss' wished to see him."Michael Smith I hope you know a reason why I have brought you here?"His boss asked."I have no idea, sir."Michael said, trying to be as polite as possible."You are fired."He said.Michael froze in the surprise. He had no idea what he did to get him fired."W-hy?"Michael asked."You are no longer needed here. Get your things and leave.'His boss said."I understand that sir."Michael said and left his office. One of the coworkers got closer to him inside the office and asked."Is it true that you got fired?"She asked."I did."Michael said."If you one day need s
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2. Chapter A new cafe - Fairytale
AT JANUARY 10TH AT THIRD PERSON'S POV: As soon as Michael was able to leave the hospital, the first thing on his mind was to finish graduating online college He knew that in about two weeks it should be complete. ''Wanessa.''Micahel said. ''Yes, my dear host?''Wanessa asked. ''Let's reach level 2 soon,'' Michael said. ''As soon as you finish your studies to be at level 2,''Wanesa said.''Good.''Michael said.''Do I have money rewards for it?''Michael asked.''In your bank account is 5 thousand euros,'' Wanessa said.''It seems that level one gave me a lot,'' Michael said. ''I noticed that you working on a sketch of something,'' Wanessa said. ''It's a cafe.I always wanted to open one. I studied business after all.''Micahel said with a smirk. ''So the next step is to open one?''Wanessa asked. 'It is indeed.''Michael said. Opening a cafe for Michael meant to finally making his old dream true. It's not going to be as much as popular as he would like in the start, but as he keeps
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3. Parents in law and investments
AT FEBRUARY 16TH AT THIRD PERSON'S POV: Michael just opened his cafe again and started going on his usual day at work when he saw two people who he did not expect to see so soon. It was Isabella's parents, his parents-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. John's. He never thought he could see them so fast. It was unexpected for him. "Uh, good morning, Mr. and Mrs. John's. What a surprise to see you here."Michael said. Morning, Michael. Yes, we decided to drop by and see where you went after we fired you. I heard you just graduated."Mr. John said. "I did," Michael said. "I am glad to hear it."Mrs. John said. "I heard that you not going back to Isabella's house too."She said. I not planning to go there back. I do not see a problem living alone."Michael said. It's like their daughter like yet another time told them some lies about him and now he has to listen to everything again. Michael was wondering if her parents were going to believe their daughter was cheating. "Michael, Mr. John friendshi
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4. Rise-up becomes famous, Isabella's appearance
AT MARCH 1STAT THIRD PERSON'S POV:Michael was sitting in his room and reading a newspaper. He just finished doing some paperwork. In some time he noticed something interesting. "System?"Michael said.As soon as he said that Wanessa appeared and sat down near him."Hey, Wanessa, have you seen the latest headlines about the 'Rise-up' company?"Michael asked."No, what's going on with them?"Wanessa asked."They've been making waves in the market lately. Their shares have skyrocketed in value. I mean they are the same as Global Solutions. I heard they more in toursim that's what got me intersted me."Michael said."That's fantastic news! I'm glad you invested in them when you did."Wanessa said happily."I am glad that I was able to earn more money. I learned about that firm since I was in a buisness school, so I got pretty excited."Michael said."They've been featured in several high-profile magazines and websites, which has brought them a lot of attention," Vanessa said."It's great to
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5. A lawyer and new home
AT MARCH 2TH AT THIRD PERSON'S POV: In the morning Michael decided to visit his lawyer Villiam, he needed to find out if in his wedding papers she was not going to ask for something if they could get divorced. "Good morning, Mr. Smith. Thank you for coming in today."Michael's lawyer said with a smile. "Morning,Villiam. I appreciate you making the time."Michael said. "Of course, let's dive right in. I've reviewed the contract you sent over. It's quite interesting. I understand your question about the divorce problem."Villiam said. "I wanted to make sure if I buy something with my new earned money she is not going to have something. She always was mad about me being poor."Michael said. "I understand. In this paragraph is written down that she does not want a single thing from you"A lawyer said. START OF A FLASHBACK Michael and Wanessa went to the lawyer a week before their wedding. Isabella's parents did not want a poor man to marry their daughter, so they pretty much made them
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6. A new skill 'Mannager'
AT MARCH 3RDAT THIRD PERSON'S POV:At the entrance of a currently prestigious travel firm, Michael nervously straightens his tie as he waits for the elevator. The doors slide open, revealing his friend and younger boss Adam. "Adam's friendship has risen to 76%. "Wanessa said."It's a lot."Michael said in his mind."You have to reach 80% to open a task."Wanessa said.Michael smiled at Adam a bit nervously. Yesterday Adam sad that Michael is going to meet his father and it made him to be more nervous than before.Hey, Michael! Nervous about meeting him?"Adam asked."You bet I am. This interview could change everything."Michael said.As they step into the elevator, the doors close behind them and both of them going to reach an upper floor. "Don't worry, you'll do great. Just be yourself."Adam said supportively.The elevator dings, signaling their arrival on the top floor. They step out into a sleek reception area, where they're greeted by a polished receptionist.''Good day, are you l
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7. A new cafe contract
AT MARCH 4TH AT THIRD PERSON'S POV: Michael was pretty excited for Elias to see the Cafe that he was working so hard to make it even better. Charlie was doing an amazing job and his 'Mannager ' skill made some things easier for him. ''I love the atmosphere around here,''Elias said. ''I am glad that you like it. I was working pretty hard to make this place amazing.''Michael said. ''I was wondering about who is this woman that is always so close to you,''Adam said. ''She is Wanessa, she is my good friend,'' Michael said. ''I see.''Elias said. ''I noticed Michael talent and with a bit of his hard work, he managed to make this place into a pretty amazing location. It is also a reason why I feel happy that you are here Mr. Garcia.''Wanessa said. ''What do you mean by that miss?''Elias asked. ''I know that you are traveling and food firm. I was wondering if our cafe could deliver some things to your clients since we are not far from the office. Like sweets and stuff like that.'' Wanessa sa
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8. Parents in law meeting
AT MARCH 10THAT THIRD PERSON'S POV:In less than a week Michael finished getting prepearing to open a new cafe and it made him really happy. Michael also made sure that every idea that they got before they are going to use in a future. It seems that he finally made sure that everything is going to be how he wanted in. In less than a two months with some money he was able to archieve way more than he done it before and he felt really proud about it. "It seems that everything is going on great, host."Wanessa said."I am happy to see it too."Michael said."We selling a lot of coffee in both of the places and costumers are really happy."Charlie said."I know, but I am sure that Isabella is going to find out about it and drag her parents here soon."Michael said.Little did Wanessa know Michael was not so much wrong about it. In a late evening, a barista walked towards Michael's office at the new cafe building."Boss a woman walked inside. She is asking for you."A barista said."Did she s
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9. Refusal to stay seperate
AT MARCH 10THAT THIRD PERSON'S POV:Michael looked at Isabella for a few moments before sighing a bit. "I think we need to give some time to setle things between us."Michael said.The air in the room grows heavy as Michael's words linger, leaving an uneasy silence between them. Isabella's heart sinks, a sinking feeling settling in the pit of his stomach."Are you... are you saying what I think you're saying, Michael?"Isabella asked.She seemed to be pretty surprised about Michael wanting to break up with her."I'm sorry, Isabella. I think we need to break up."Michael said.The words hang in the air, heavily, as Isabella struggles to process the sudden turn of events."But... but why, Michael? What did I do wrong?"Isabella asked."This," Michael said and showed the photo he had taken of her kissing that guy.At that moment Isabella understood that she had messed up a bit of time."Michael! I... I can explain."Isabella said.Michael could feel her voice shaking, knowing that she messe
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10. A date at old house
AT MARCH 10TH AT THIRD PERSON POV: It seems that Isabella instantly is trying to get him back. He seemed to be surprised that she was trying to get him back even tho it was impossible. "A little date tomorrow huh?"Michael thought and sent her a message. "I am surprised about it. What do you want to talk about so much?"Michael asked and sent the message. "I want to apologize and make sure that we can be on good terms. I only asking for one dinner, Michael."Isabella wrote back. Michael sighed and decided to call her in the end. He did not understand why she wanted to have dinner with him. ''I don't want to have this dinner with you,'' Michael said as soon as Isabella answered her phone. ''I am not asking much. '' Isabella said. ''Why do you even want it? I am not planning to stay with a person who has treated me so badly before.''Michael said. ''I understand that. Michael, please let's just have a single dinner together.''Isabella asked. ''One dinner?''Michael asked. ''Just one.''Isabel
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