The Ultimate Revenge System

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The Ultimate Revenge System

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Danzel Harrington was furious. His older sister, Helen, was discarded after being humiliated by Bash Merrick and his friends at the prom. She came home in a deep state of depression and closed herself off, only to tragically take her own life not long after when the photos of her being r*ped were spread on the internet. While the evening before, Helen had just received a letter of acceptance from her dream university with a scholarship program, and it all fell apart overnight! After that, he saw Lyra, his girlfriend, cheating on him with none other than Bash Merrick, the same man who r*ped his sister. When Danzel confronted them, he lost control and attacked Bash and his friends. As a result, he was sentenced to a 10-year prison term. His parents, who worked as gardeners and cleaners at Bash's house, were also fired from their jobs. The suffering didn't end there. Danzel had to endure the loss of his entire family due to the malicious deeds of the Merrick Family, the wealthiest and most influential people in his town. The relentless suffering drove Danzel to make a vow for revenge. With the assistance of The Ultimate Revenge System, he was determined to rise to power and become the most influential figure in Dustown.


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  • T. Rossi


    interesting plot from the first chapter. i can feel how devastated for the mc when he lost everything. well, i won't spill out ... but surely it a must read. the narration good, the dialogue. the story itself rich with good conversation. keep up the good work!

    2023-09-27 23:53:30
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119 chapters
1. A Phone Call
"Are you sure you don't want me to drive you, sis?" I poked my head into my sister's room as she was getting ready for the party. "Woah... You look incredible. Is this really my sister?" I teased, making her toss her comb, which hit me in the chest. "Ouch!" I pretended to be in pain. "Remember, you have to be nice when he arrives. Don't ruin my perfect night!" my sister threatened with a stern look. "And no, Bash will pick me up in his limousine." "Are you sure about him? Don't you despise him? Since when did you become someone who prefers to compromise your principles?" I entered her room and sat on her bed as she adjusted her dress. Admire herself in the mirror. My earlier compliment wasn't exaggerated. Helen, my sister, looked stunning. Her light blue satin A-line dress with lace accents on the open back was a showstopper. She looked no less glamorous than the celebrities on television. "You know, sometimes love is just confusing. I don't even know why I'm so crazy about Bash, e
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2. Rage
Ding! Ding! Ding! The cafeteria buzzed with the sound of notifications on everyone's phones during this crowded lunch break. Then, a voice cried out, "Stop! Aaaa... It hurts... Stop! Stop!!" The pained voice and desperate screams of a woman echoed in unison from all the students' phones. Startled gasps and sudden silence swept across the room. All pairs of eyes turned toward me as I stood there frozen, holding a lunch tray. Then, the familiar voice of the distressed woman, a voice I recognized all too well – what was happening? What had occurred? Ding! A message came through on my phone too, and as I saw it, my jaw dropped in disbelief. The tray in my hand slipped from my grip and crashed to the floor with a resounding clatter. Without a second thought, I sprinted with all my might toward Bash, Terry, and Lyan, who were sitting together, engrossed in a video on their phones. They saw me approaching with my fist clenched, and they quickly stood up, forming a protective barrier aroun
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3. Just When I Needed It
"Danzel Harrington!" The prison guard called my name as he knocked loudly on my cell door, then opened it without waiting for my response. I was in the middle of folding the blanket and tidying up the bed. "Harrington, pack your belongings and get out of here. I hope we never meet again," commanded the guard, and I stood up to grab my worn-out black duffel bag, containing my worthless possessions. After ten long years, I finally breathed the fresh air of freedom. My steps halted in front of the prison gate, staring in awe at the changes that had taken place outside. Where should I go from here? My entire family is gone. Should I visit their graves? I clenched my fists tightly, suppressing the pain in my chest. Armed with the meager funds I received from the prison and a piece of paper with the address of a motel designated for ex-convicts like me who wanted to start a new life, I boarded a bus that stopped at a nearby bus stop. The bus took me to the city center, which had change
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4. Reveal
[Throw your body backward when I give the signal.] 'What?' I responded, confused by the message. A moment later, a loud voice in my ear nearly deafened me. [Now!] Instinctively, I obeyed the voice, which coincided with the sound of a gunshot fired by one of Bash's henchmen. The bullet, missing its intended target, struck the leg of another of Bash's lackeys, causing him to cry out in pain and collapse. "Damn it!" shouted the shooter. "Hey, you're such an idiot!" Bash protested. "Do your job correctly, or you'll replace him as the fish's meal!" "Y-yes, boss!" [Kick!] the voice commanded again, and this time, I fully trusted it. With all my strength, I kicked the leg of the man holding the pistol from the side. There was a cracking sound as his knee joint buckled, followed by a cry of pain. Without wasting any time, I relied solely on my instincts and punched him in the side of the face, rendering him helpless. Seeing that both of his henchmen were now incapacitated, and with a
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5. Allies
"So, do you have a personal grudge against Tom Merrick?" "Tom Merrick or Merrick Corp, whatever it is. Because what is Tom if not for Merrick Corp, right?" I nodded. Alright, if that's the case, then we have a common adversary. The enemy of your enemy is your friend, that's the proverb I know. "What do you know about their treatment of my parents?" "I don't know the details, but the way he treats his opponents is very consistent. Let me show you something." Mr. Burrow now led me to his office, which appeared even more cluttered than the other rooms. Piles of leftover food wrappers were stacked, emitting an unpleasant odor. The scent of nicotine was heavy, casting a yellowish hue across the room. The shotgun he had earlier rested on a long table behind his desk. Then he pulled out a file from the drawer, a thick file. He tossed the stack of files onto the table, creating a resounding thud. Then, enthusiastically, he spread out some of his own investigative findings that he had co
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6. Dandelion
[These documents will be useful for your future purposes.] The system provided a suggestion without me asking after my frustration subsided. "Sir, may I take all these documents with me?" "Of course, take them with you. Perhaps all this information will be more useful if you have it." Mr. Burrow's gaze now drifted far out of his window, observing the procession of clouds in the sky that was about to bring rain. I knew that wasn't what caught his attention, as his pupils lacked vitality. However, since it was our first meeting, I didn't find Mr. Burrow's behavior strange. Instead, I thanked him for allowing me to carry such crucial information. I was certain he had gathered all of this with great effort. "I'll be leaving now, Sir. Is there anything else you need from me?" Mr. Burrow shook his head and gestured for me to leave the room. Without being prompted, I lightly patted his shoulder. "I will avenge them, Sir. I will make them fall into a pit of mud and not give them a cha
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7. Encounter
"Let her handle your luggage, Mr. Rupert," Mr. Rocky instructed Anne to take my belongings, but I declined. "I'm sorry, I prefer to carry it myself," I politely refused, as the documents I carried were very valuable. "Very well then, we welcome you, and we're pleased you've chosen our inn. We'll provide the best service possible. Allow me to assist you with the check-in process," Anne gestured gracefully, inviting me to the counter displaying “information and receptionist” inside. Anne sat in front of her computer, her fingers agilely pressing the keyboard. The summer season had made the air warmer; I noticed the fan at the counter was broken, with screws and bolts scattered to the side. Sweat trickled down Anne's forehead, and she wiped it away with the back of her hand. Perhaps unable to bear the heat, she then gathered her long wavy hair atop her head, revealing her slender and graceful neck. The image of my fingers slipping down that neck, pulling her into a passionate kiss, i
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8. Unfolded
"Here," Dr. Bertha pointed to a newspaper clipping that reported a house fire in the city center, which happened 11 years ago.Memories of that event were triggered; at that time, I was still a freshman at Merrick High School. I lost a classmate, Jeanette. The second prettiest girl in my class after Lyra. She and Lyra were close friends, a pair of beautiful women who attracted attention wherever they went. Jeanette's tragic death brought me closer to Lyra, and we eventually started dating. Because I was there for her during the times of her depression over losing Jean."Jeanette was your daughter? I'm sorry for your loss, doctor. But what does this have to do with Merrick?""Do you know what she said the day before our house burned down? She was harassed by Bash and his lackeys. In the riverside cabin, just like your sister Helen... I went to their house to threaten them, telling them that if Bash wasn't imprisoned, I would expose the illegal organ trade that their hospital was involv
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9. Plan
[Of course not, silly.] I observed Anne, who remained motionless as the system responded to my question. "So, it's not her." [Don't get your hope up, then you won't be disappointed.] "Haha," I chuckled, leaving them both looking at me with surprise. "Oh, hello Anne," I replied hesitantly to Anne's greeting. "We witnessed how you escaped from their riverside cabin, Mr. Harrington." "Please, call me Danzel. I couldn't do much when facing Terry and Lyan simultaneously. They turned out to be incredibly strong." "Yes, Danzel. We're not making fun of you. It was the most rational decision you could have made if you wanted to survive. We're thankful you made it back safely. Right now, we need a little help from someone we can rely on." Anne responded with her wide-eyed gaze directed at me. I smiled at her, and she returned the gesture. In the midst of my crumbling world, her smile felt like a glimmer of hope. "Did you know that Tom is running for mayor? This is a project he plans to
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10. Execute
"Even though, if they indeed had footage, they would know I was far away when that happened!""We know. This is just their tactic to defame you, Danzel. 'One stone, two birds,' as they say."I clenched my fists in anger. These people couldn't be underestimated! "Actually, I already have a plan."Anne and Dr. Bertha's attention was now fully on me. In the dimly lit, cramped room, I outlined my plan, a plan that had actually been formulated by the system in my head.***"Are you sure?" Dr. Bertha interjected, "But how is it possible? You don't have the capacity for that."He hesitated after I explained the procedure for a complete face-lift to change my identity entirely. The only person who could perform this was Dr. Bertha himself, known as the 'miracle worker.' Ironically, he didn't entrust anyone to touch his own messed-up face. For him, the only one who could do it properly was himself, and it would damage his pride if someone else did it and the result didn't meet his expectations
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