Chapter 38 The confrontation (4)

"As expected of leader mash, he killed one of the Retainers with just his breath." A dragon standing on the right spoke while all other dragon laughed but the expression on the face of mash contorted, deactivating his [Fire age] ability he looked at all other dragons.

"Fools, we have been fighting with his illusionary clones till now, his real body is somewhere else, spread out and find him." He shouted and everyone scattered including the leader mash around the teleportation dome.

I had installed 3 devises around the teleportation dome and hid them perfectly so no one could find them but last devise was to be installed where the dragons were having a fight with my clones.

I was able to fool the dragons because I had activated my [Illusion domain] the moment I spotted them but the moment my [Illusion domain] weakened a little the leader caught whim of my plan but I had done what I wanted to do and just the one last thing remained to be done.

The dragons spread around the dome while 2
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