Chapter 37 The confrontation (3)

Jacob POV

After separating from the main group I headed toward the 2nd teleportation blocking formation with 2 X ranked beast. Masking our presence as much as we could we headed toward the teleportation formation at full speed but even then I could feel a powerful presence heading toward us from behind but ignoring him we headed straight toward the teleportation array.

"Just focus on reaching and destroying the teleportation formation, we will have plenty of time to fight afterwards." I said sensing the eagerness of beasts to fight the leader tailing us.

Out of the two beasts who were accompanying me one of name was rhino. He was a 20 meter tall muscular humanoid beast. His skin was so though that I doubt even demion's sword could pierce his skin and he had a 3 meter long sharp horn protruding from his head because of this feature he resembled a humanoid rhino but his ability lies somewhere else.

The other beast, he was a spider type beast initially but after evolving into an X ranked
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