The Tide of Fortune

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The Tide of Fortune

By: Anderson José CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Reggie Fabray knew that his wife didn't take him seriously, but watching her bring her lover to their house to hang out was just too much, don't you think? That's when a car accident becomes the turning point for Reggie. The tide is turning in his favor, those who have always believed in Reggie will be rewarded, while those who have slighted him... will get what they deserve!

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  • shoto


    its got alot od nonsense but its so funny. the one liners are great. Well done author

    2024-05-28 00:16:12
  • Kunal Jadhav


    good novel

    2022-09-28 02:45:25
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793 chapters
Chapter 1 Busted
Sunset Village is the famous seaside district of Lagoon City for high society. There are houses, mansions, and apartment buildings built in the style of Miami Beach or California.There is little or no movement, indicating that it is late at night. However, a Hyundai Genesis car drives blatantly and carelessly along the paved streets.When passing through the gate of the Ferreira family's property, the luxury car crosses the outside area, still awkwardly. He parks at the entrance of one of the many large houses in the neighborhood. A man and a woman come out of it. The man driving was drunk. The woman giggles.Inside the Ferreira house, on the large king-size bed in the master suite, Reginaldo Fabray is lying unable to sleep. In the position he's in, he can see through the open double doors of the balcony the beachy horizon.Suddenly, the couple's laughter echoes through the house.Reginaldo opens his eyes, hardly believing what he heard. He knows whose laughs are.Reginaldo gets up f
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Chapter 2 I Can't Take it Anymore
Reginaldo decides to try to claim some dignity for himself, "Laura, keep your decorum. Imagine what your parents would say if they knew you brought your lover into the house?"Laura gets angrier about this. She gets up from the couch and starts walking toward Reginaldo."Would you be able to rat me out? Remember what we agreed: I don't mind your business and you don't mind mine! This isn't a real marriage, you took advantage of me when we met at that nightclub and my father preferred to force you to be my husband than to put you in jail!""I didn't take advantage of you!" Reginaldo explodes, "We were both drunk enough... and what would a virgin do in a nightclub if it wasn't for the intention of having the first time?"Despite her high heels, Laura climbs the stairs fast enough to reach Reginaldo and slap him. Eduardo laughs on the couch."Damn you!" Laura roars, "It's over, I'm tired of this charade! I'm going to ask my parents to annul this marriage! See him down there?" She points
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Chapter 3 The Foolish Wife
Bewildered by the bizarre situation, Reginaldo doesn't think of anything else: he goes down the stairs and runs out of the mansion under Laura and Eduardo's malicious laughter.Outside, Reginaldo finds his car. The year is 2021, but his Celta is 2010. Unlike his wife and family, Reginaldo is not into material goods.Upon entering and starting the engine, Reginaldo leaves with the car at high speed, unable to bear the three years of humiliation he has been through.Leaving Sunset Village for the urban area of ​​Lagoon City, the Carlos Campos Highway was still between uninhabited spaces, except for the occasional bordered neighborhood. In the past, Sunset Village was isolated from the rest of the city as an exclusive place for rich and powerful people.The maximum speed allowed was 80 km, but Reginaldo's car was well above that.Inside the car, Reginaldo was almost crying with rage and was holding the steering wheel tight as if he were strangling Eduardo."Who do these two think they ar
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Chapter 4 In the Private Wing
Reginaldo woke up in Lagoon City's famous General Hospital. After his car flipped over, he blacked out and couldn't remember anything else.Now, when he opens his eyes, he finds himself wearing his blue hospital gown and quite comfortable in a hospital bed.Very comfortable is the right word. Reginaldo wasn't on one of those hard gurneys or with those uncomfortable pillows. The blankets were warm and the room he was in was squeaky clean and smelled pleasantly of disinfectant.It was then that the penny dropped.Reginaldo was in the private wing!But how did this happen? Did Mr. and Mrs. Ferreira feel sorry for their son-in-law and decided to give him the best treatment? Didn't they want journalists to discover their son-in-law among the poor patients?Reginaldo didn't know. He just smiled and closed his eyes, wanting to rest as much as possible.A few hours later, Reginaldo reopened his eyes when he heard footsteps. He thought a good-looking female nurse was coming to bring lunch.How
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Chapter 5 Return to Your Post
Reginaldo is offended when the Fabrey family secretary mocks his eldest son. Where is the respect for those in charge?"My father gives you a lot of freedom, Anestor.""Believe me, master: when you return to who you were, I will be your faithful dog." Anestor stops laughing.Reginaldo sinks into the pillows, "I will never go back to Victoria and my father's business. How boring, being a realtor."Anestor says ironically, "Yes, it's very boring to be the son of the owner of the largest real estate network in Espírito Santo."Reginaldo wrinkles his nose, "You know very well that's not what keeps me away from this world. Fabrey Real Estate has become a nest of snakes. Envy and greed have become essential qualities among my family, especially among my cousins ​​who feel entitled to take my place. Before they pour me a glass of arsenic wine, I let them fight each other like 'Game of Thrones'."Anestor adopts a serious tone again, "If you don't return, it will be your father who will drink
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Chapter 6 A Friend in Need
The next day, Reginaldo is wearing an outfit left by Anestor to go away. He is already better and willing.As he returns home, Reginaldo does not hear a soul. He wiggles and leaves.******Laura stands before Mr. Antonio Ferreira, her father, in the management of the Hotel Ferreira. Gray, serious and focused on business, shows he only wants to spare a few minutes for his daughter."Dad, I want to divorce Reggie.""What kind of talk is that, daughter? There's never been a divorce in the history of the Ferreira Family."Laura asks being ironic, "Has there been in the history of the Ferreira Family a forced marriage because the bride was sexually forced?"Antonio doesn't flinch, "No, back then we were conservative and didn't mix with the scum of society in fifth-rate nightclubs."Laura gets the clue, "Dad, Night Lagoon is an excellent establishment, only the upper crust of society frequents that place.""And they keep behaving beastly? Daughter, we can't let Lagoon City call you a failed
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Chapter 7 A Birthday Party
Reginaldo visits his father-in-law at the hotel. Antonio is wearing a serious and intimidating expression."Reggie, how nice of you to come. Today before lunch Laura came saying she wants to divorce you. What have you done to hurt my daughter?"Reginaldo is upset at how quickly Antonio blames him for this."I didn't do anything, sir."Antonio adds wryly, "Exactly, that's the problem. You don't do anything.""Selling popsicles on the beach is a worthy profession.""I wouldn't use the word 'profession', young man."Reginaldo uses the same sarcastic tone, "You never offered me a job here at the hotel. What else can I do?""A man always gets his way, Reggie. Anyway, explain to me why my daughter wants to divorce you?"Reginaldo decides not to talk about her lover when he sees that Antonio is unwilling to believe him."Well... that's what happens when there is a marriage by force. There is no love."Antonio rages, "And what happened at the nightclub? You admit that you simply acted like an
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Chapter 8 Let's Get On With Our Dating!
In the master suite, Reginaldo is changing clothes even though he hasn't showered to get the sand out of the sea. He does it pretty hurriedly."It's six in the evening still, there must be a store around here that's open!"He almost falls as he puts on a pair of jeans in such a hurry.As he goes down to the foyer, Reginaldo goes on tiptoe, looking toward the kitchen door, but Laura and Eduardo don't see him leave. They are too busy talking to each other. Reginaldo leaves and carefully closes the door.In the commercial part of Sunset Village, Reginaldo enters the bank and goes straight to one of the ATMs. He takes his wallet out of his pocket, takes his bank card, and sticks it in the machine. After entering the password and a few commands...The screen confirms that R$100,000.00 have been deposited for him!"It had to be my father." He concludes smiling, "The old man really wants to re-establish family ties. I already gave Anestor my answer... however... this money comes in handy..."
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Chapter 9 In the Ballroom Hotel
At the men's store, Reginaldo has already tried on the tuxedo and is at the checkout paying for his purchase. The credit card has been swiped, and the purchase has been approved.Reginaldo smiles satisfied, the credit is real.The awful seller approaches with extreme surprise, "What happened here? The purchase was approved?"The intern replies with debauchery, "The terminal beeped approving it, are you deaf?""But how is that possible? Marcio, a credit card has to belong to the holder with ID!"Reginaldo interrupts him sternly, "Shut up, you idiot! You tried to belittle me for my looks, but now you've lost a sale! And I'm very happy about the commission Marcio will get. Now get out of my way, I won't call the manager to complain."The salesman takes the hint and walks away.The lady clerk carefully puts the suit away in a large bag."Thank you very much, young lady. Marcio, in the future I want to reward you for this kindness." Reginaldo affirms like a sovereign.Marcio is surprised,
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Chapter 10 Rock 'n' Roll at a Conservative Party
Laura and Eduardo enter the ballroom and are flooded by flashes. Laura tries to pull away, but Eduardo entangles his arm around her waist like octopus tentacles."Where do you think you're going, honey?" He asks whispering menacingly in her ear.Laura doesn't answer, she just reacts agonized at the photographers thinking the beautiful couple is posing romantically for them.Marianne sees the commotion at the entrance and smiles as she sees her daughter. She walks over to her."Daughter? Who is this handsome young man?"Laura responds in distress, "Mom, this is Eduardo Casemiro, the famous author from Marçal Publishing.""How is he famous if I don't have one of his books in our library?" Still, she smiles gently, "Nice to meet you, young man."Eduardo replies in admiration, "Likewise, madam."Marianne replies suggestively, "If what I hope is happening, you will be calling me Marianne shortly.""Mother!" Laura shrieks in shock.But Marianne only laughs, "Calm down, child! We're at a par
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